14 September 2015

September {Week 3} Meal Plan

We are about to enter a crazy time in our lives with multiple sports going on at the same time!
Chances of us eating all together are going to be slim for a while, will be taking advantage of crock pot, pressure cooking and grab and go meals. Don't have a pressure cooker? I would say they are a busy moms best friend! This is the one I have, and love. Has paid for itself already, in just a few months. 

Monday~Chicken Tortilla Soup
No canned soup in this recipe!

Just throwing some ground beef in the pressure cooker, saute for a few minutes, then adding some seasoning and a little beef stock. Pressure cook for 20 min and leave it on warm until we get around to eating!

I promise the couple surprise ingredients make it extra tasty and very fall like!

Thursday~Pressure Cooker Potatoes
Easy to use up leftovers!
Our first day this week with no sports! Can't wait to just sit and be with everyone at the same time!
I made this recipe a few times, it's SO good but goodness I don't have time to make it often. Changed it up a bit and now I do it in the pressure cooker then under the broiler for a few minutes. In the pressure cooker 1 lb of pasta, 4 C of water, salt and nutmeg.  Pressure cook for 4 minutes, release pressure, add the rest of the ingredients besides topping, stir it up a few minutes and spread in a baking pan, top with crackers and stick it under the broiler for a few.


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