31 December 2014

Word Of The Year 2015


improve (something) by making small changes, in particular make (an idea, theory, or method) more subtle and accurate.

This one was easy for me this year! It's all been very clear since we started our house selling journey that we needed to REFINE our belongings to start with.
Then, the more I thought about it, the more I knew we needed to REFINE in other places, more myself than hubby. Particularly in methods, our way of doing things. Going to be working on a lot around here! Some things are going to be hard. More personal refinement sounds hard to me.

What is your Word of The Year?

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12 December 2014

34 Stocking Stuffer ideas for him!

Some years we ONLY do stockings for each other, we don't set a specific amount, but no jewelry or electronics so it doesn't get out of hand either. I still put some on here, sometimes they make their way in them anyway. What I really try to do with stockings is not JUNK, if it isn't edible it had better be relevant past January! We are on a never ending mission of reducing the STUFF at our house.

Don't know where to start? Sometimes I will go with a theme, that helps streamline all those options. In the past I have done all
Oregon Ducks Stuff (or whatever team he likes)

Here are some things I have used in the past, and some that will for sure be in there this year.

1.Big League Chew
2. Astronaut cheese
3. Jerky
6. T shirt
7. Socks
8. Tie
9. Tools (screwdriver, hammer)
10. Baseball Hat
11. Pocket Knife
12. Movie or CD
13. Key Chain
14. Travel Cup
15. Flashlight
16. Headphones
17. Workout watch or pedometer
18. Fun sticky notes
19. A nice pen
20. Grill Tools
21. Fun Bottle Opener
22. Sunglasses
23. New Hot Sauces to try
24. New Phone Case
25. Chromecast or Roku Box
26. Ice Scraper
27. Gloves
28. Essential Oils
29. Lottery Tickets
30. Date Night gift cards
31. Golf Balls and Tees
32. Specialty Beer
33. Car air fresheners
34. Car Wash certificates

We are keeping things much simpler this year than we have in the past but the Mr. will still be getting a fun stocking!
Is there something you add every year?

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08 December 2014

Week 2 of Decluttering!

Last week went pretty well! I got to almost all of what I wanted to but got side tracked by some other stuff.

My goal of a bag a day was no problem! I had about 4 grocery bags a day! This week I am hoping to get to

~My clothes
~Baby clothes
 (sad he has outgrown some already)

~Utensil drawer
That's it for the week, clothes will take me a while and we have a kind of busy week. Our kids Christmas program is this week, can't wait!
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01 December 2014

December is my month to KICK CLUTTER!

 I want to start 2015 with less than we have possession wise and more time.
 Giving ourselves the gift of a more simple day to day life this Christmas season.
This move has taught me SO much, it's been hard, like much much harder than I thought it would be.
Most days I just look around and wonder how we got here!

That is what I am after, not a huge bag but a grocery bag. Either stuff to donate or throw out. We just have too much stuff and even though I did some of this before we moved, it's STILL just too much.

We have already started by going through all of our seasonal decorations. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE to decorate for each season but chances are we will be in a much smaller house than we were before and I didn't love all of the decorations. I liked a lot of them but decided if we didn't love them we didn't need them.

There are lots of plans and lists out there to help. I am making my own because I know what we need to work on. Some of this stuff I am going to try to sell. But not keeping it around in the way to make a few bucks either.

This first week I am working on

~Junk Drawer
~Craft Stuff
~My Car
 ~Cleaning Products

I know I can fill a bag with our junk drawer. I mean really, how many pens do we actually need? Probably not 30!

It hasn't been easy but I know we need to be real, if something can be replaced if we end up needing it again (but not now) and it isn't expensive, it's going! Things like extra binders and a cupcake stand I have used once in 4 years.

If you are on the fence about letting something go, designate a box, and label it well, put those items in, and if you don't GET THEM OUT of the box and use it in 3 months, take the whole box. Don't go through it again. Chances are you won't even miss it!

Mark that day in March on your calendar and let it go!  
Please tell me someone else heard that part ^^^ in
a sing songy Elsa voice?
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