31 March 2014

Meal Plan Monday~ Week 14

Finally broke down and went grocery shopping!

Now that we have some groceries around here I have no excuse not to stick to it.

I cooked two times the ground beef so I can skip that later this week.

Planning on making a big bath of chicken too.

Wednesday~Sheppard's Pie
Using the rest of the Ground Beef
Thursday~Tortellini and Chicken with Pesto
To use some of the chicken and have something easy to throw together
Friday~Salmon and roasted veggies
I need easy by the end of the week!

We have plans that day,  I know I won't get around to making anything if I don't throw it in the crock pot. Hoping I still have some pumpkin!

Sunday~Stir Fry
Easiest way to use the rest of the veggies that need to be used up!
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20 March 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~Week 11

It's a little late, we had a middle of the night ER trip and I was very zombie-like yesterday!
Last week I was on a mission to find somewhere to contain the small but annoying amount of mail that comes for the Mr.  He usually doesn't NEED it right away, if ever, but doesn't want to recycle it right away. I don't want to hound him about it or dump it on him as soon as he walks in the door either, so this will hopefully be a nice compromise.

Had this little basket already, should be small enough to wrangle it.
It's not perfect but better than piles on the counter!

This week was supposed to be filing, but I did it with the other mail stuff. We use a container like this

Inside of it we keep this
We get one of the bottom ones every year. Instead of filing by TYPE, we just put everything from January in the first folder, February the 2nd, etc.  Once we file taxes we just put the whole folder in a safe place. We are almost to 7 years and won't be needing to buy any more. We can just rotate the old stuff with the new.

This week I am going to focus on refining our bill paying. Not too much different, shouldn't be a huge undertaking. We have too much fun stuff planned for Spring Break for any big projects!

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17 March 2014

Meal Plan Monday~Week 12


This week should be the week I get everything all the way back in order! Just in time for the craziness of Spring Break!

Hoping to keep dinner time a little on the less messy side this week.

Monday~Chicken Parmesan
I bake ours in the oven, I know it's not very St.Patrick's Day of us.

Tuesday~Chicken Tacos
Might as well bake enough chicken for 2 meals!
Wednesday~Pork Roast

Thursday~Loaded Potato Soup

Friday~Salmon and Asparagus

Saturday~BBQ Burgers

Sunday~ Leftovers/Clean Out Fridge
 Grocery shopping day is early next week. Need to make room in the fridge and see what we need.
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12 March 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~ Week 10

Last week I was our "office" which is really just a cupboard in our kitchen. 
We keep the printer below, it is rarely used and they are just SO ugly!

I use each of these photo boxes to keep stuff organized
~Camera accessories and stuff
~Cell phone accessories, car chargers etc.
~Checks, credit cards and other bank related items ( we don't keep cards in our wallets)
~Extra supplies, like pens, paper, tape, etc.
~Envelopes, thank you cards, wax seals ( totally addicted), stamps
~And I have an empty one.

We have our 2 Home Management Binders.
1 I use nearly everyday, the other has stuff that needs to be available but not pulled out everyday.

A basket with frequently used supplies like pens, pencils, tape, stapler, etc.
School phone books
then these little spice jars from IKEA, I spray painted the lids and they hold random things like change, screws, plug in covers, batteries. We always have a need for a little place to put something!

On the doors I used a piece of sheet metal and some little clips to hang it without putting holes in the cabinet. It's magnetic and a good place for all of our little reminders, sports cards and invitations.

This is the only office space we have had for a couple years now. It's worked great for us and helped not to keep excess. Where would we put it?!

This week I am working on the mail. Hubby and I have 2 very different ways of handling the mail. I would rather go through it all right now, file what needs to filed, pay what needs to be paid and be done with it. He is a stacker, save for later-er. These don't go well together!
Sometimes he gets mail that I don't have to deal with, it's not often but he needs I place he can put it until he is ready to deal with and keep it outta my way!

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10 March 2014

Meal Plan Monday~ Week 11

I haven't even been thinking about dinner much yet today. Focusing on Mt. Laundry!
Monday~Beef Roast
Just threw it in the slow cooker. Going to make some roast asparagus and mashed potatoes.

Tuesday~Ravioli and Salad
Easy night
Wednesday~Chicken Tortilla Soup
Ended up having dinner at my in-laws Sunday instead

Just cause it sounds good!
Friday~Chicken Taco's

Saturday~Baked Potatoes
and using leftovers of everything else
Sunday~Pork Tenderloin
Assuming I remember to thaw it on Saturday!
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05 March 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~Week 9

Meal Planning was what I needed to get organized this week.
And as weird as it seems I think I actually made it less fussy than it was!
What I was using before worked just fine
But it took a lot of time. I don't have to be as strict while I will be home. 
I will still be making a monthly plan and then make a weekly plan from there each week.

The Monthly Plan has to happen before I can go grocery shopping. We only grocery shop 1 big time per month. Then usually a milk/produce run a couple times in between. 

I do have a list of (I think) every dinner we eat. I have a few different pages. 1 for chicken, 1 for beef, pork. Misc. I have it this way because sometimes we are getting close to the end of the chicken order before the next one comes in I like to have a smaller list to hunt through.

I still choose to make it as easy for myself as I can. If I am going to bake chicken it's gonna be for 2 meals minimum. If I am cooking a big ol' roast the leftovers are for sure going to be used soon! Just like I typically schedule beef stroganoff within a day or two of beef roast. I will use the broth to make the sauce and toss the leftover beef in it. Hardly any extra cooking!

I did pair down our recipe magazine, book collection. I had SO many and I know I won't really use many of them. I have just enough to fit in the cupboard. Wasn't really much work. I don't use them often so I don't feel like they have to be that accessible. 

This week will be our "office" area and lordy does it need help! We have so many papers and piles from taxes and other stuff going on! I am excited to get it back in order!
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March Goals!!

I am SO excited to share some of our March Goals! But first, how we did in February.

1. $1000 towards debt....
We paid $2000 extra towards debt this month! Likely the last month we will have that much progress.

2. Saving more
While I haven't set up Fridays yet, I did move that $ over.

3.Meal Plan
Did SO much better this month, didn't actually keep track of how many days per week but for sure over the (very low) goal!

Didn't really have much to schedule (amazingly)

5. Water
Having the re-useable cups all over has made it a cinch!

6. Organizing
For our life the way it is right now, this is working great!

7. Bathrooms
I am terrified of the kids bathroom, 2/3 for the month.

8. Fast Food
Meal planning has really made this a non issue!

9. More time at home
Felt SO good to be home more! 

10. Groceries
Haven't been grocery shopping yet. Hoping I can find some good alternatives!

Our March goals are going to be a little different. I am no longer working outside the home, (weeeee) so we won't be putting as much towards debt but we WILL be getting more stuff done around here! At least until I find something else that works better for our family.

1. Get this place BACK in order!
We have all gotten off task not being home as much, I felt back asking the kids to do the chores they normally would have when they weren't home nearly as much. We will be back to that!
We are using THESE

2. STICK to the new (and changing) Budget
This first month is going to be hard but sticking to our grocery budget of $250 will help!
We still want to pay extra to debt, it will be a slow process but every little bit helps!
Going to go for Once a week Target trips in March too. Jan was hard, February was busy but easier, March should be a breeze!

3. Find a way that isn't take away from our family to make some money.
I am always hesitant to try new stuff. Learning to act towards goals and not out of fear is hard sometimes!
I have a couple things I am working on. I just need to stick my neck out there and not be a worrywart!

4. Read to our kids more
We have always been readers but I feel like this last almost year I missed SO much!

5. Stay Home!
I am used to going into town a number of times a week, that is going to have to change! We just will not be able to afford to do that. Intentional, planned trips into town only. 

6. Plan More Dates!
For both Ryan and I, and family dates. I need to find some close to home, inexpensive stuff to do!

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03 March 2014

Meal Plan Monday~ Week 10


This week is already full of issues! I am home sick from work today, just hoping I feel better before someone else gets sick! Doing my best to stick with easy meals this week, and some repeats. Although, if I don't make it to the grocery store we are having PBnJ's all week.

Monday~Meatball Stroganoff
We didn't have it last week, too many leftovers!

Tuesday~Teriyaki Stir Fry
We got some super noodles at Costco last trip there, the kids loved them and they are easy to throw together.

Wednesday~Mini Pizzas
Kids favorite!
We just roll out caned biscuits and top them with pizza stuff and bake like the package directs.

Thursday~Ravioli and Salads

Friday~PB and Bacon Sandwiches
Easy fave over here, and good for the budget!

Saturday~Chicken with Rice and veggies
I like to hide the veggies in some cream of chicken soup ( homemade, not canned)

Sunday~Chicken Tortilla Soup
Been craving big time, and it's so easy!
Check the crock pot recipe out here

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