04 December 2013

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

This is seriously one of THE easiest recipes. So easy we have it often, those days I forget to thaw chicken the night before or just want dinner done when I get home.

In the crock pot (with a disposable liner)
12 oz chicken stock
3 Tbs homemade cream of chicken mix (cornstarch, seasoning and powdered milk)
Mix those 2 up a little, nothing serious
1C salsa. I blend ours cause hubbby doesn't like chunks
1C corn
beans if you like them
combine that all together
2 frozen chicken breast, thawed if you need it sooner than 8 hours.
If the chicken isn't mostly covered in liquid, add some spicy v8 or more salsa/chicken stock
 I cook hours 8-10 hours on low then
I just shred the chicken with a fork just before it's time to dish up, add some cheese, tortilla strips and sour cream, cilantro if we have it around.
Super easy, delish and not a budget buster! We pretty much have all of those things on hand other than cilantro and none of them are expensive.


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