11 March 2013

Spring Cleaning.. kind of

Being totally honest here, I doubt I will get my usual done this year, and I haven't had enough sleep to care that I won't! So I am just doing the super basics, stuff that I see everyday and makes me irritated but hasn't been done yet and is not in my weekly plan either. But if you want to check out my usual Spring Cleaning.. it's HERE :)  It's long but broken up into different rooms. One day I will get back to that and I am sure I will really appreciate the time I had to do it before!
I figure I can squeeze in maybe 2 hours a week total, not all at once though. And I don't want this to drag on for months and months either, it's called spring Cleaning not Spring, Summer and Fall cleaning right?  So I am giving myself until the end of April to get everything done. Whatever isn't done probably wasn't that important and can wait until Fall when I have a little more time!
Do y'all have those things that just make you crazy to see them looking not their best?
I do, for me its the trim/moulding! We have white trim, 3 kids and a few others in and out during the week. It is looking pretty rough right now. I am already planning on getting the magic eraser out and getting out off what I can, like the masterpiece someone wrote in pencil over the holidays while their parent watched. WHO does that?! Anyway, it's just pencil and it's coming off but there are a bunch of other spots that have who knows what on them and I am sure there will need to be some touching up. That is my first goal. To make the moulding look new again!
So this week I am tackling the doors first, ALL the doors with my stock of magic erasers ( I am sure I will need multiple) getting all the grimey fingerprints off and crayon marks, shoe marks, lego marks and makeup.  I have to do all the doors first or I know I will miss some. Once that is done I will do all the door trim and then I will for sure need a whole week to do all the baseboards in every room. I bring my blue tape around then too and put a little piece where I need to touch up paint later.
Windows is the other thing I hate to look gross. I can clean the insides all the time, but outside takes some planning for me. 1. I can't be alone, I am short and need a ladder. 2. It can't be raining, seems SO wrong to me. 3. I need a qualified spider killer there with me the entire time..
so what I am saying is pretty much I need hubby to do the windows haha. 
Or just to inspect each and everyone for spiders first.
Maybe we will do those this weekend..  but for now it's just me and my magic eraser!

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01 March 2013

2 Months in!

And I can tell you February was much more productive than January!
In January I got a job, seeing some results from the job, some good and some not so much!

The good parts are that we were able to pay off 3 debts so far, nothing huge but they all add up. Hospital bills and brake/tire jobs. Those 3 we took care of were $100/month combined. Adding that $100 into our SNOWBALL will sure make the next ones disappear even faster.
Some days it doesn't feel like it will ever be over. Those days are felt even more by me when it's my 6th day in a row of working overnight <
Working to balance it all out, the first thing to go was weekly planning, and meal plans. Nothing sounds good to me these days so I just try to have a lot of stuff prepped and let everyone else decide. Our house is not nearly as clean as I would usually keep it, but when it comes down to sleep vs. shower scrubbing, sleep is winning every time right now! I know this is not a forever thing so I am just remembering everything has it's time and good choices by us now will mean better situations later.
Even if what I want right now is a NAP!
Coffee..  yeah, not doing AS good as I was in January but still not nearly as bad as I was in all of 2012! 2 steps forward 1 step back?
Pretty sure it's been 3 weeks since I have seen my flat iron and mascara has been hit or miss, there is just NO fixing these bags with any amount of makeup. Hopefully one day soon my body will get back to a routine and I won't feel as tired everyday.
Haven't been to the gym much, been reading like crazy here and there, while trying to fall asleep. Who else cannot fall asleep when they have a huge to do list to do even when you KNOW you need the sleep?!

I am doing an alright job of avoiding Target still!

I haven't organized anything in a couple weeks, I barely remember last Friday!
I am antsy to start the Spring Cleaning though, if I can stay awake long enough!
But on the HUGE  slight chance I don't get to post about it.. check out years past

One way I am decluttering and helping the budget is selling stuff! I joined a group on facebook where we all know each other, or friends of friends so it's not as shady as Craigslist and I have been able to unload a number of things that I didn't want to just donate or try to sell on ebay.

As far as the ME parts.. well I still stink at drinking water, and I haven't been to the gym. But I HAVE had a lot more alone time to think (thanks to the middle of the night job)
That has really helped me with thinking about what relationships I have that aren't good for me and how I am gonna deal.

Pinterest.. if I have time for Pinning I am SLEEPING!

So really February has been a month of not much sleep or vacuuming, no organizing and very very little shopping. The good and bad all balance each other out in different ways. And we still have been doing some fun stuff with the kids so overall I am calling February a WIN.

Do you go over your goals for the year every month? Track by quarter what improvements you have made. New GOOD habits?
Share, so I know I am not the only nutter!

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