05 January 2012

Clean Off Your Desk Day!

is January 8th, for those of you who's desk is at work maybe the 9th?
Anyway, we don't have a REAL desk, well besides this one I use to decorate for Back to School

But I don't think that is what they had in mind. We do have a table in our bedroom that hubby sometimes uses for work when he is working at home, but right now it has clothes on it because I am avoiding doing laundry!

So I will for sure be getting that cleaned up, and maybe I will work on our "office" cupboard I shared HERE.
I can imagine after vacations and holidays everyone's desk is a little messy or at least needing some weeding of papers, I know our area does!  And right now is one of the best times to find some cute organizing things out at the stores since so many of us resolve to get/stay organized for the new year.

Everyone likes their area a little different. To motivate me (and hopefully you) I have some cute DIY or inexpensive office pretties for when I finish!

File desks are usually pretty plain and ugly in my opinion, but look at these with a just a little textured paper

And this is adorable!!

And I LOVE this idea because I like eveything to coordinate, could use the same family of papers for the above and these!

And you could add a few magnets to the back of the small ones if you have a magnetic area!
And if you do, you could make these magnets or add them to push pins, charming little things aren't they?!
I'd have to find some mini ones!

So maybe my organizing Friday this week will have to be our "office"!