28 May 2015

Taking a Break from Organizing Friday

We finally found a place! We have a long closing and still have about 4 1/2 weeks before we close. 
I can't wait to share all the dirty details, and believe me it IS dirty!
So for now instead of organizing on Friday I will be packing.
I have packed a few boxes so far and taken a couple car loads of donations too!
We have only lived here 7 months and I can see the things we didn't even touch!

So for now I am boxing up some of those things (one we get some more boxes) and donating some more stuff as well. I have no desire to be a minimalist, that is not for me, but I don't know that we really need 11 spatulas either. Is it really so inconvenient to just wash the 1 or 2 if I need it again before the dishwasher is done? Probably not.

This is how I am packing these days.

Now I know it's probably not what the experts say is the right way, but I am guessing those experts aren't moving for the 2 time in 8 months with an infant who is on team NO SLEEP. So this is what works for us.
As I go through a room I just put the stuff I know we don't NEED on the kitchen table and wrap it if it's breakable.  I try to keep stuff from one room in the same box, but sometimes that doesn't work out. I often have 3 or 4 boxes half packed at one time.

Any tried and true packing secrets I need to know about?!
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08 May 2015

May Goals

I am so behind on May, pretty much because I can't believe it's not April still.
The last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind around here. We have been busy with ball games and practice and we FOUND A HOUSE!

That seems to be taking up a whole lot of time. So far things are going smoothly with it. We don't close for another 7 ish weeks though.  It's in rough shape and needs some TLC. Neither one of us have ever dealt with contractors, permits, rules etc. So this is a new adventure for us.

I am excited and still a little nervous. The unknown can be a little nerve wracking. I am just trying to not stress about it, and let things just happen.

So my goals for May, other than surviving baseball/softball season are:
~Slowly go through stuff again. We have been in this rental over 6 months now, in every season but Summer. Chances are if we haven't used it, gone looking for it then we don't need it.
~After going through stuff, pack the stuff we won't need. Winter coats and Halloween decorations for sure.
~Figure out what we are doing for school next year, get that all set up.
~Sign up for Summer activities, before things get even crazier around here!
~Use the groceries we have, be better about meal planning and grocery shopping. I just bought 2 more cans of olives. We have 6 already. Whoops.

And for the first time in forever ( I know you mamas sang that Frozen style) drink more water is NOT on my goals list. It's been going so much better!  Also not on my list is working out. Psssh, I give up for now. Maybe once this sweet muffin baby is a little better sleeper, I will try again. 

I don't want to wish May away, but I am SO SO excited for June! Schools out, berries are ripe, that whole new house adventure will be approaching.

Eh, 1 out of 4. Oh well. The others aren't time specific, they will be back :)
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01 May 2015

I took my kids toys away {Week 18}

**First, I want to say I am not judging anyone for what they do or don't do for their kids. Just in case this strikes a nerve in the wrong way to someone.

I want to talk about STUFF! Specifically toys. We have been buying toys for over 10 years now and it's been an issue getting kids to pick up, keep tidy, care at all, for the last 7 years. At first I wouldn't say our kids were spoiled, I felt like spoiled can be taken as a mean label for a kid. I rationalized that they were privileged and lucky to have lots of folks in their lives that enjoy blessing them with a toy here and there. It rarely seemed like overdoing it, just something to make them smile. That's been going on for 10 years! It's about time I acknowledge our kids ARE SPOILED and it's all MY fault.
I should have done this a long time ago and it wouldn't have gotten out of hand or to this point.
old picture but we have the same issue, just didn't take another picture 
I think we have gone too far and it's overwhelming for them and insanely frustrating for me. I feel like everyday is a fight to get them to pick up after themselves. I got drastic this week and took 90% of the Lego's and put them in a bin for the garage. This was after I gave them 2 hours, plenty of direction, the ability to clean up, and they chose not to. I really think the mess was just too overwhelming. When I started putting the Lego's away there wasn't a single complaint, and I actually got some help.

Before the Lego's I had slowly been taking things away, just putting them in the garage, after I ask them to put them away and it's not done. Not a single thing has been missed! I haven't been loud about it, just picking it up and into a bin, not telling them. Barbies, clothes, random toys that all had a place they belong but weren't valued enough to be put away. They haven't asked about any of it!!

While we haven't been home as much because we have been at the ball fields every night, when we have been home the kids have been playing together better. Asking them to tidy isn't the instant meltdown it had become. I get a little nauseous thinking about the $$ that is sitting in the garage. I don't have plans to get rid of it right now. I just feel like we probably could have had some good family experiences rather than more stuff. Live and learn I guess. I really think we were doing a disservice to our kids. I am hoping that we can scale back and learn from it. I don't want them to expect toys and stuff, nor do I want them to feel like it's acceptable to not clean up after themselves.

Is this something that is a struggle at your house too? Finding a good balance with responsibility, appreciation and stuff? I feel like it will be a slow process to get there but we are on our way.
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