20 March 2011

Happy First day of Spring!

Spring break is here, we are off for some adventures so I didn't do anything special for the first day of Spring.. it sure doesn't feel like Spring here!
Last year I made these in between pain killer induced naps :)

Hope you all have a good week and your Spring Cleaning is coming along nicely!
Ours is NOT done, sigh. But I think after a little mini vacation I will be ready to finish it up, it's all the little tedious stuff I don't like to do that is left.. and outside stuff!

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18 March 2011

April Fools Day

We haven't done anything special for April 1st in the past but I think maybe this year we can do something.. these are some of the cute ideas out there!

Meatloaf Cupcakes.. So clever! Mashed Potato "frosting"
I bet I could get my kids to eat these!

Or Calzone Cupcakes with a little tomato on top!

"Grilled Cheese" made with frosting and Pound Cake!

These fries are also pound cake! Cute!

If you have a kiddo that takes sandwhich for lunch this is eww, but funny since it's just the bag!

Food Networks lasagna, really it's banana pudding and stuff

Making a Jello drink to look like juice or lemonade! Make plain gelatin ice cubes seperatly, then cut into little cubes, add lemon Jello before its set and a straw!

Martha Stewart of course has some good ideas like this

Mashed Potaoes and Gravy that look like ice cream and caramal sauce

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17 March 2011

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Hope you all have a great St.Patrick's Day and avoid the pinchies!
We are busy busy delivering some of these

And following the leprechaun trail hunting for these
And since I'm sure the kids will be ready for a snack after that, Ive got this all ready!
And then hopefully a nap!
If it's not pouring down rain I think we will plants the rest of our bulbs in the backyard and let these kids get dirty! And maybe some coloring.. I printed these off

Hopefully the coloring will keep them occupied so I can make dinner! We are having potato soup for dinner,only because I found these adorable little potatoes at our tiny little grocery store, they were too cute not to use!
And then I think the littles will take a green bath, the hopefully fall asleep easily!
Who's ready for April Fools Day? 2 weeks to plan!

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15 March 2011

~Rainbow Yogurt~

or you could use pudding!
I just split a few containers up and colored them, used a Ziploc baggie to fill up my favorite Jelly Jar Glasses!
I'll probably give them a little cloud marshmallow on top!

The kids are WAY too excited about St.Patrick's Day and they haven't even seen these yet! I have so much stuff planned I have to split it up into 2 days!

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14 March 2011

Spring Cleaning week 4 {Bedrooms}

I was supposed to be doing Spring Cleaning the bathrooms last week... but I didn't, not even a little bit. Instead, Hubby had a few days off and we painted our formal living room.
So I am behind a week but Hubby is out of town this week so I am hoping I can get it all done and start on the bedrooms! And we are out of trim paint so none of that will be done either.. doesn't look like I will be all done before Spring..darn!

Well here is my list for bedrooms, in case I get to it this week!

• Go Through Clothes and move winter stuff to the back!

• Go Through Toys
  • Go Through Books (and post on paperbackswap.com)
• Clean out Nightstands

• Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures

• Flip Mattresses

• Steam Mattresses

• Go Through Underneath Bed (always purging)

• Windows

• Window Tracks

• Wash Curtains

• Polish Furniture

• Clean Baseboards

• Take off Bed Warmers

So hoping the kids want to help and we get this done before Spring Break (next week) and hopefully by the time we get back it will be nice enough to work outside!

Hope Everyone is enjoying the last week of Winter (finally!)

And I am sure I will spend a little time tonight looking for some fun April Fools stuff for the kiddies!

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13 March 2011


Took 2 full days of nap time and after the kids were in bed but I really really like the color! More than I though I would even!
We went with Martha Stewart School House Slate!

And we want to add bookshelves and a bench seat to the wall on the left.. not anytime soon since we have about a hundred other projects going on and Hubby is out of town for 3 out of the next 4 weeks!

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St.Patrick's Day

Is only a few days away and we have a busy week, so I am prepping what I can now!
One thing that is new this year is Ramsey's obsession with Elf on a Shelf.. so much that when I put a little leprechaun out he asked if he was watching him to make sure he was good.. Like I am going to turn down an opportunity like that!  So we said yes of course!  The last few years we have had the kids decorate a baby food jar and leave it out for the leprechauns with a card. This year we are doing it a little different. We told them the leprechauns only come to visit if you have been very good!  I picked up a container of pots like these

and I have some gold chocolate coins to put in them, we hide them in the front yard and sprinkle a trail of St.Patrick's Day confetti to kind of lead them the right way! As soon as they turned the calendar to March in school he has been asking when the leprechauns are coming. Love that he remembers and enjoys it!

And I made a small batch of the potato candies I shared HERE, just to try them out. What I did different was only use about 1/2C (for the half batch) of toasted coconut and I used 1 1/4C of chopped walnuts and added 1/3C powdered sure more than the original recipe. They are pretty cute! Sending some for the teachers this week! This is the ones from last week, cute right?!

And I picked up all our fruit for the rainbow the kids LOVE! This year instead of just yogurt I will give them some of the cute cloud marshmallows too! I don't have a picture from last year (thank you strep throat medications) But pretty similar to this, minus marshmallows, yogurt instead!

And if I remember a grocery store stop for some white carnations to turn green over night, we haven't tried this yet but I think our kids would love it!

And we made these rainbow cupcakes from Family Fun last year.. but I think the potato candies are plenty of sugar!

And if we get up early enough I might make these for breakfast!

Hope you all have a good St. Patrick's Day!  Have anything special planned?
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07 March 2011

Spring Cleaning week 3~ Bathrooms & Update on Play Room

Just planted some of these! Hope I don't kill em!

And I didn't finish ALL the family room yet because I think I want to move the furniture around and I need some help for that, but all the major stuff is done!

And I got the kids to "help" clean the rug, I just covered it lightly with some baking soda and had them dance and wiggle until you couldn't see it anymore, then I waited a while and vacuumed it up!

And I worked on the play closet a little more! I shared the before HERE, and now it's like this

Where the storage used to be
Where seasonal stuff used to be
shoe cabinet from ikea! Only sticks out 6"!!
Little spot for art work, just at their level, and a little too high for little brother!

And still not done! That blank wall straight back (where the storage used to be) is waiting for a great deal on a big frame so I can frame out some chalkboard paint!

And this is my list for this week (and least favorite Spring cleaning week!)

• Purge, Purge, Purge (I am kind of a product hoarder!)

• Scrub Shower Doors

• Wash Rugs

• Scrub all Round Toilet

• Drain O Shower and Sinks

• Polish Cabinets

• Scrub Bathtub

• Wash Windows

• Clean Under Sinks

• Clean Baseboards

• Clean Doors

• Vacuum and Steam Floors

• Touch up Baseboard Paint

• Touch up Wall Paint

• Check on Supplies Stock

• Replace Candles

And I have some projects I want to work on in the kids bathroom this week too.

Today was pretty nice here, makes me want to get ALL this stuff done so we
 can get out there and do some yard work!

Who else is working on Spring Cleaning?!

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03 March 2011

I need some opinions!!

We have a formal living room that has never been anything but a place for the kids to play and birthday parties, there is only a coffee table in there.. its pretty sad!  I think we are ready for some built ins and some paint. This is the room, it gets lots of natural light and the built ins will be white also..

And this is he color I want to paint the room, and what I need opinions on!
Hate it, Love it?

It's Martha Stewart for Home Depot in School House Slate.. and I also wondered what you all would do about this?

WHERE do I stop painting?! I really don't like rounded corners or weird little bumpouts!

Oh and I am pretty much loving this little vinyl gnome that came in the mail today, it is TINY, I think about 2" and is by the front door, I haven't told anyone it's there, I am guessing the kids will notice and hubby won't!

Ick, I really need to touch up the molding paint!

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