25 February 2011

Spring Cleaning { Family Room} and Some Sweet Little Treats

I finished the kitchen already (we had a snow day and a mellow week) I am hoping to get started on the Family Room (and play area). I will be hunting for some supplies this weekend! The play area is just not working, the older the littlest gets the more stuff there is! 
This is how we started, it was alright but the shoes are too much and all over! And the kids need somewhere for papers that little brother can't get to as easily (he likes to throw them away)!
 I've got a couple projects I am working on for that little area!
Looking for some art options and shoe storage!!

There are lots of other things I need to do too for Spring Cleaning!
My Family Room list is just a little shorter than the kitchen!

~Wash Curtains, throws and swap pillows
~Clean off the ceiling fan
~Clean Glass on Frames
~Swap Pictures in Frames
~Clean Windows and tracks
~Turn off pilot on fireplace (might wait on this since it snowed this morning!)
~Clean Fireplace
~Dust the Electronics (especially the back)
~Clean out the couch cushions (can hardly wait to see what's in there!)
~Clean the couch cushion covers
~Clean Walls
~Vacuum Floor Vents
~Clean Baseboards
~Touch Up Wall Paint
~Clean Rug

Play Area

~Go through toys
~Go through books
~Sort toys

I love this, but I have a Target budget :)

 So that is what I have going on next week!
And I want to make these from Feels Like Home!!
I think I might change the recipe a little though and skip the coconut and use a different nut!

How cute are those?!

Anyone else starting their Spring Cleaning?!


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