22 February 2017

Managing Goals

 I think the MOST important step in goal setting is making sure that

When you tell someone what your priorities are, do your goals reflect that? If not, maybe it's time to alter your goals a little.

There are lots of methods of Goal Setting. I think these 2 are the ones I hear the most
Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, Time Based
Identify, Design, Execute, Augment

For me I need it simple and easy to manage and track. I don't have an hour a week to reflect on my goals. What I do is
~Have my action plan, or steps in my planner, every week, for the things I can focus on RIGHT NOW.
 ~Those steps or action plan written down are good when/if you get sidetracked.
~Mark the deadline, my ideal deadline
~Make a spot in my planner every week to update, remind, just the constant visual reminder is helpful in keeping my priorities in sight.
I just use a little mason jar stamps and tally marks for things that are daily. 
Here I have our savings/budget jar
and the 3 littles are sticking to my Morning and Evening plans and Meal Planning

How do you manage your goals? Do you share them to keep you accountable? Keep them to yourself?  Daily or weekly reflection or accountability?

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