31 October 2011

Thanksgiving Dishes

I don't have the room for holiday specific dishes but some of the platters and cuteness sure make me want to find a set to match ALL of them!
We have multi colored polka dot plates that match nothing fall like or Halloween.

But I am pretty attached to them! I even have a spare box in case some break!

If we ever decide to get a plain, match everything set,
I love these
 Country Living brand at Kmart

There are soo many colors and different things for Thanksgiving I can imagine it would get overwhelming if you were just starting to get stuff together! I personally love the orange and plum colors together!
If we were hosting this year and the crazy polka dot dishes weren't an issue, this would be the first thing on my wish list if it weren't so expensive!  Maybe I can find a platter at Goodwill and do my own!

West Elm

And these are kinda charming, I like the bright orange without it coming from a pumpkin!
Cost Plus
And although I don't usually like purple at all, I don't wear purple, I don't usually buy it for Carsyn and we don't have anything else purple, I LOVE purple in the fall!


These aren't very practical but they would look fantastic on Thanksgiving!
I've slowly been collecting solid white serving pieces, a random butter dish here, a little sugar bowl. I don't want everything to be too matchy matchy but it still has to work together.
One of my favorite/most used serving things is from Costco, it's a 4 tier plate stand and all 4 tiers rotate out a little so it doesn't take up too much room

Still collecting plain pieces so I can add the fun pieces as I find ones I love!
Other things I still need to decide on this week are
~what goodies we are bringing
~grocery list
~And since October was such a rough month,
 I probably will try and deep clean the living room and kitchen again!

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28 October 2011

Thanksgiving Plan

woman's day
When I am planning for a get together I have a basic list of things I do,
and from 4 weeks to 3 weeks to go I try to

~ clean the fridge and pantry out and use up as much as I can so there is room once I make my grocery list.
~Decide on what recipes I will be making
~Make grocery list. Perishables and non perishables
~Start watching for the stuff to be on sale
~Make sure we have enough dishes, and none are broken or chipped
~Deep clean the main rooms we would be using (Kitchen, Family Room, Guest Bath and the Front Porch)

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27 October 2011

Thanksgiving invites

It's only 4 weeks away! If you haven't already made a guest list you are running out of time!
There are some way cute invites if that's your thing too!

These are so simple and plain, sometimes simple is better.

I love how rustic and simple these are!
found via VintageYankee.blogspot.com

If you do thing more casual and football is part of your day, these are cute!


I would have a hard time deciding from all the cute ones!
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24 October 2011

Starting my Thanksgiving Lists!

Since I am kinda giving up on October and any new Halloween stuff this year, I am ready to start checking out some cute treats I can make for Thanksgiving!

Of course the first place I checked was Pinterest!
I posted some last year too, might have to try some of those too!

Here are a few I am trying to decide between!


Or something similar!

I think all the acorns are so cute! A few different options out there.

I really should be finishing Halloween costumes!
More Thanksgiving stuff SOON!

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22 October 2011

October has been a blurrr!!

I cannot believe it's the 22nd already! The Hubby and I took a vaca and were gone until the other day. I haven't finished any of the Halloween costumes. I haven't made any Halloween crafts this year, we haven't been to the pumpkin patch yet and there are a ton of other things October usually holds for us we haven't done yet. I NEED A DO OVER!
I did have a good time on vacation but feel SO behind now! I think I am going to have to call October a wash and get a head start on November instead!

My Pinterest home page already has a few Thanksgiving ideas!
So I am taking the rest of this weekend to catch up on laundry, grocery shop and prepare snacks for this week. I will be alone this week with Hubby out of town so I need to prep as much as I can!

Monday for sure will have some Thanksgiving cuteness!
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03 October 2011

Halloween Decorations '11

Finally done! Well done enough to share anyway, there are still a few projects I need to work on, and then of course whatever all you crafty people share that I will want to copy!

Soo here they are, I got rid of a lot of stuff from last year. I wanted to lose a little of the commercial looking stuff each year. And a lot of orange had to go. I really like black and white Halloween with just a little orange here and there.

 Countdown Blocks from last year

already staying better this year, used poster putty stuff

need to find my white candles around here somewhere

This thing seriously grosses me out, its a big ol' silver spider, I hate spiders!

Hoping everything on this table will make it through the season, it is the perfect worst height for Finn!

I'm really loving the old phone, crack and all!

oh, and a random picture of our new couch, and the vacuum in the background lol, eh just keeping it real

 Best deal on a pennant banner ever! Target last year, the other side has neon (hideous) skulls on it, I just turned it over. I also scored 2 or 3 more for 90% off. $0.30!! couldn't pass that up!

love this little pewter mouse!

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01 October 2011

Fall Cleaning Progress

I've been fall cleaning like crazy all week. I didn't finish like I wanted to, the baby (he is 2 now, but is still the baby ) has Pneumonia, but today he is super chipper and feeling better so I am hoping to get the Halloween stuff out and get some help from hubby to finish up the fall cleaning!

And here are some pics of our cabinets, before and after! (let's see how how long we can keep em that way)

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