26 July 2010

Cupcake Toppers!

They are cute and easy to match any theme.. AND they don't add any extra sugar!!  Little Squirrely's party is in less than 2 weeks.. here is a little sneak of some of hers.. and Finnely's party is just a couple months away, but I like to be ahead of the game. We are doing a little Red Wagon Theme!!  I know there have been a few floating around on the party blogs, but I just fell in love with it!!  I am excited to have some cutesy themed things for his party and cannot believe it is even time to start thinking about it! 10 months has gone by SO fast, even with the surgery, which feels like it was years ago, but was 2 months ago! 

These toppers are not printed they are all hand done with some help from some punches and die cuts.

We have been busy around here.. but nothing major.. a garage sale, a little room painting. Hopefully I can get some more posts up soon!!
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20 July 2010

Little Birthday Sneak Peak

Just a little small detail.. It's the Birthday Girl's bracelet!!
Just finished it up!

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15 July 2010

What's going on?!

Nothing major! The last week has been amazing, we haven't had anything we HAVE to do. Taking full advantage of that! We were on vacation for about a week and since we have been back everything seems to be going in slow motion!

Been feeling like a lowsy blogger! We are looking at a house, we were considering putting an offer on it.. I think we are still considering it actually. It needs a TON of help.. sounds like a project! So that means ours would need to be put on the market.. the housing market stinks here and I do not enjoy the stress but I have been touching up paint and purging like crazy just in case we decide to do it! The purging feels good though! Hoping to have a garage sale next weekend and make some room here. Getting rid of some stuff we don't need or haven't used in a while.

I haven't baked anything in a while, it's been too hot! I am ready to try some fruit roll ups on the dehydrator as soon as we get the berry picking done!

Finnley is almost 10 months already.. It has gone by SO fast! His birthday party is already mostly planned and taken care of, I kinda love party stuff! Red Wagon themed!!

The super cute woodland squirrel party is just a few weeks away, I can't wait to share all the details!

I have been checking out the garage sales around here.. on the lookout for a bed for the baby.. I know it will need some work so I thought I should start looking NOW.. I am looking for something like this one.. but not so nice.. I need a good deal and am not opposed to sanding and painting! Just something simple and boyish.. no flowery knobs.. there are plenty of girly ones around!

I feel the need for a project! Been checking out some blogs for some inspiration.. any ideas?!
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09 July 2010

Kids Bathroom Project


The kids bathroom has had the least amount of attention since we moved in almost 3 years ago. No new shower curtains or anything, I planned to used the same set (Which I think is way too girly now.. but not sure what I would do instead) But didn't know what else to do in there.  The wall with nothing on it was 8 feet.. HUGE wall with nothing but 1 out of place weird (ugly) towel bar!  After thinking for a while and adding another baby to share the bathroom I thought a peg board topped beadboard style wainscotting would look good and work well!  I am planning on painting 3 canvas's solid colors ( the blue, gree and pink, 1 for each kiddo) to go above the pegs, and adding some uppercase living bathroom vinyl stickers on them. There is a toothbrush, hairbrush and soap that are not too detailed, very simple and will stand out a little I hope!  The project was fairly inexpensive and did not take too long, just lots of paint!


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08 July 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE goodies!!

I love to matchy match everything, so with the Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE show (get your tickets HERE) coming up I have been on the hunt for some goodies for the kids to wear to the show!

We love ALL the characters but I think the kids tend to like Muno and Foofa the best.. All of these were on Etsy.com (direct links provided). I haven't decided which of these we will end up with.. they are all so cute!

Bows.. I LOVE big hair accessories!

Muno (and others) T shirt

Yes those are rhinestones!!

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02 July 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

Run Run Run, It's Fun Fun Fun... and GET YOUR TICKETS!! They have only been on sale a short while, but with how popular the Gabba Friends are I am sure they are going to go fast!!

We are SOO excited! Obviously our kids are huge fans, but so are we! We love the show for many reasons.. mostly because I don't worry about what they are learning, it's a great wholesome show! All the great songs! Songs about having good manners, not giving up and eating healthy.. Love it!! I can't wait to go and hope our little mini's will sing their hearts out at the show!

There are a number of shows all over so find your local (or as far as you are willing to drive for some Yo Gabba FUN) show HERE and get some tickets!
Local parents.. We are headed to the EUGENE showing November 15th! Hope to see some of you Yo Gabba Gabba Loving Families there too! Portland also has a showing November 14th!  Leave a comment for those of you going, so I know who to watch for!

Check YoGabbaGabbalive.com for ALL the info, video's and the latest news!

And I am sure I will be back with some more Gabba FUN in the next few days!
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