11 October 2019

7 Things To Do Before Noon

Disclaimer* this is on GOOD days. We all have those days that things go crazy and that’s ok too. 

Fuel-for me that is coffee with coconut oil in it, I typically practice intermittent fasting, breakfast counts too. 

Exercise/Move - I just set my step goal for the day and knock out a couple thousand steps first thing, usually while doing #5.

Reading-praying, meditation, self help, affirmations. Whatever you do, make it a priority early in your day.

Get ready for the day- if I put it off too long I just won’t bother. 

Tidy Up- Everything is easier if there isn’t chaos all over 

Prioritize- Make my to do list and prioritize. 

Hardest Thing- Or the thing I want to do the least. Get it over with and the rest of the day is better!
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23 September 2019

Meal Planning...just start!

We meal plan for a couple BIG reasons.

  1. Budget 
  2. We don’t like eating out often and we are busy. Time is important 

Those 2 reasons determine how we plan. I try to keep our meals pretty simple, we do not have time during the week for long recipes. Simple meals don’t mean convenience meals. Convenience =expensive. It won’t matter how much we save at the grocery store if we don’t have time to make the meals, we would just end up with expensive take out. Simple is where it’s at for us. 

  1. Blank calendar or paper or notepad on your phone.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive or specific for meal planning. 
  2. Check your planner! Have insane days? Long work days or extra kids over? Make sure you take those into account. 
  3. Start with dinner, breakfast and lunch can be kept simple and basic. Don’t overwhelm yourself. 
  4. Have a list of simple meals handy, I keep our list in my planner. 
  5. Make your grocery list based on the meals and your pantry. CHECK YOUR STOCK. Don’t buy another bag of rice when you already have 3 at home. 
  • You can do this weekly or every 2 weeks. But if you are making a meal that requires veggies that won’t stay fresh long, make that shortly after you shop!

If you don’t have a big list of easy meals,start making one! I’ll work on sharing ours. Very few have a recipe, and many are prep ahead to make them quick. 

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20 September 2019

Friday Treat ~ Mini Hand Pies

The first two weeks went so fast and this one is flying too! I have some time today to work on treats for Friday treats. I grabbed this pie crust from my go to, Grocery Outlet, it was about to reach its pull date so it was .25! Just a quarter!  I just tossed it in the freezer. I pulled it out this morning.   I just mixed up some pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg and a little brown sugar and filled these then baked them! Just a few minutes of work, not overly sugary and pretty darn affordable!

Do you have a day of the week you make treats? Friday is our least busy day (but still busy) and I like to reward us all for surviving the week lol 

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06 September 2019

Organizing Friday

We are wrapping up our first week back to school and Friday is my least busy day! Evening gets crazy though.  My schedule is similar to the other weekdays but no running to preschool and back and no scheduled chores. I just do catch up and organizing or work on projects. 

I’ve got a project and organizing list going, starting with September and October. Some are pretty specific to our house. 

September 6th Hall Built in’s 

September 13 Garage 

September 20 Garage 

September 27 Toys/Games 

October 4 linens/towels/throws

October 11 clothing swap 

October 18 appliances big and small 

October 25 exterior windows

Do you have a list of places you purge and organize year round?   

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