06 September 2019

Organizing Friday

We are wrapping up our first week back to school and Friday is my least busy day! Evening gets crazy though.  My schedule is similar to the other weekdays but no running to preschool and back and no scheduled chores. I just do catch up and organizing or work on projects. 

I’ve got a project and organizing list going, starting with September and October. Some are pretty specific to our house. 

September 6th Hall Built in’s 

September 13 Garage 

September 20 Garage 

September 27 Toys/Games 

October 4 linens/towels/throws

October 11 clothing swap 

October 18 appliances big and small 

October 25 exterior windows

Do you have a list of places you purge and organize year round?   

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03 September 2019

Bathroom time savers!

The first Wednesday of every month is when I treat our septic system and drains. Because I am cleaning bathrooms anyway, it’s just part of the bathroom rhythm. I order these on Amazon when we run out, requires very little thinking or work! They are easy to use and don’t take up valuable storage space.  The drain cleaners last a month ish, haven’t had a slow drain since using these

I’m also trying different methods of cleaning the iron ring we get. Any tried and true (preferably natural) methods for taking care of that?   No one used the master toilet for months and it’s pretty bad right now, even though it’s clean, it’s got mineral build up. I’ve got something coming in the mail that has great reviews so fingers crossed 🤞🏻 

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Daily Rhythm For Busy Moms

You can make a REAL  life daily routine for yourself too!

 School has started for our crew, I’m taking a day to take some deep breaths and drink my coffee in peace. But only 1 day, then I am getting back to my routine, or rhythm, is a better word. 

I don’t make mine rigid and stressful, it’s rhythm and not schedule because we LIVE and things flow different from day to day.  I’ve broken these down by time but that’s not set in stone, some days our rhythm is a lot faster and sometimes it skips a few beats, ya know? So I use this loosely as a guide. 

I spent a couple weeks many years ago, establishing MY rhythm, based on my priorities.  It’s morphed and changed as our lives have. New house, new baby, new jobs, new schools etc.  Those all helped shape what it is today.  Don’t feel like you can’t make changes as you go. And this is MY IDEAL schedule, ideal not expectation. 

5:00 wake up/workout 

5:45 Reading/Coffee

6:15 Wake kids/ breakfast/lunch 

6:20 Email/Budget

6:45 Dishwasher check 

7:00 Start laundry/kids off then

Daily Chores/Get ready for the day 

8:00 Laundry Swap

8:05 Leave for School drop off 

8:45 Chores/Dinner check  

9:15 Laundry/Second Chance Workout 

10:00 Laundry Away  

10:40 School Pick Up 

11:20 Lunch/coffee

11:45 Tidy Kitchen 

12:00 Resting Time Kids/Step check/Last chance workout  

1:00 Eat Lunch/Read

1:30 Dinner Check/Prep 

Free Time/Projects/Cheer Work/Crafts 

Then it’s chaos of sports/dinner/sports 

9:00 Clean Kitchen at Night 

10:00 Get Ready for Bed 

*I did do most of today’s chores yesterday though! I wanted to sit in our CLEAN family room :) 

My suggestions would be 

Be real with yourself about how much time you are willing to put towards it. Don’t schedule yourself for 3 hours if you won’t have it, or if you will feel burned out. 

Write your priorities out and MAKE them priorities. 

Give it time before you give up or change it. It takes a while to get into a routine. 

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31 August 2019

Car Mini Emergency Pack

I’m sharing what we try to keep in the back of the car, it’s not a real emergency kit by any means, but for now it’s got the things we find ourselves needing often. 

It’s been a few months since I checked our stock, or even looked back there. Spring sports and summer adventure have kept it a hot mess! 

Today I fixed it with what we had on hand, and ordered the rest. 

I’ve got 
Non perishable snacks (fruit strips)
A blanket
Band aids
Homeopathic carsickness remedy
Bottled waters 

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