31 December 2016

2017 Goals/Resolutions

Like the rest of 2016, I am behind! I love the idea of fresh starts and new possibilities! I like to choose a WORD OF THE YEAR and make goals for different areas of our lives. I haven't done anything!

Today is the 31st so I figured I better get with it!

I decided on the word WILD   I love the description

uncultivated or growing freely without human intervention.

It just really speaks to me, not letting others comments/opinions intervene with my life.

Self Goals: Take chances, have more faith in myself, remember that not everyone who shares their opinions has my best interest in mind.

Health Goals: Make time for some kind of exercise because I love it.  Continue to find ways to get good nourishment into our picky kids. Manage the health issues I've been dealing with more efficiently

Financial: Make Dave Ramsey proud 😆

Relationships: More dates and less helicoptering

House: So many!! Slow and steady, budget fitting projects! Keep purging unnecessary things, keep working on the best ways to make life run smooth! 

We usually take our big goals and make monthly goals in little bite size chunks! January goals coming soon 👍🏻
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07 December 2016

December Goals!

Goodness has it been a while since I have written down some of our goals, or shared them. November was all about getting doors and door molding up (just 1 more door molding to go!) It felt good to have something constant to work on! There are things I can't do solo or don't know how to do so I had 2 Goals in November, 1 was renovation based the other was more just stuff for me to deal with.  Last month it was purging, my favorite group on Facebook (join us!!)  did a challenge for the month and it was so inspiring! I could actually go for it another month!

December is all about the kitchen when it comes to renovating 😳 I am scared and nervous and indecisive! We've got to pick a cabinet color once we get the cabinets sanded! Can't do anything until we get the sink in, I'm scared of that! And we also need to decide on what our breakfast bar part is going to look like, it used to have a pantry on top (weird) and now it's just plywood hanging out and I don't know what to do! Need to find a faucet! Leaning towards this one!   All of this while we prep for Christmas and enjoy the season!

Here is where we stand right now.. sawdust all over from the little sanding I have been able to do.

The non renovation goals I have for our house is meal planning for January! I don't think I will get much detailed planning going for December and I want to make sure we get January off on a good note!

This book is on my wish list for meal prep! And this might have to be added to my daily use!

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