23 July 2015

New Old House {Day 4}

It's Tuesday and hubby's last day before he goes back to work.

We finished prepping Carsyn's room for paint (already did the ceiling)


It's a super light pink


And the kitchen had some progress
 Goodbye drop ceiling! And yes that is sunlight, there is no roof right now!
 Opening up a little more

Still tiny, but less cave like!

The shake roof that was leaking is gone, maybe the house won't look so brown once the new stuff is up.

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New Old House {Day 3}

I don't think I shared before that we are doing this whole thing family style!
We bring all 4 kids with us, the big 3 have jobs, and are SO willing to help for the most part. 
My in laws have been amazing and done SO much to help out!
Mini wall came down! Already feels more open!
We took this down just to add another wall soon! We needed a 4th bedroom, so the living room is going to have some changes.

Finn helping Pop Pop move some light switches.

 Hawkins was having a hard time falling asleep, there was a lot of noise. I had him in the backpack walking around and nearly had a cow, I was looking out the back door and I swear there was a bear cub! My heart was racing and I was starting to count kids, hoping they were all inside, and then I saw 2 more bear cubs and realized they were pigs haha. Took the little 3 and walked to the neighbors to tell them their pigs were out. That was a first for me, herding pigs with a baby on my back.
Biggin was busy filling paneling nail holes.

 Took out the kitchen and dining carpet, that black stuff is rubber that has broken down and was so gross!
Once we got all that up the walls started coming down.
Better already!
And there is our fancy microwave too!
We also spent hours at the home improvement stores today! Lighting is SO hard to decide on for me.
I don't think I will be able to convince hubby to go with me again!
Here is the issue I have. I like expensive things (not because they are expensive, just happens to be that way) we have no budget for that type of business. So, we looked at every light and after lusting over the $200 dining light, we got a $7 globe.
Trying to keep the priorities fresh in my mind. Not an easy task!
Home Improvement Store trip count after today :  7
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Old New House {Day 2}

Day 2 was long and hard, kids were such troopers!

All the carpet and pad, huge pile o' stank! So glad to see it gone!
 Spent a little time removing ugly hardware!
So much nasty grime underneath the hardware.

Paneling (most of it) and carpet gone!

A whole lot of carpet removal, paneling coming down and hardware!
It feels like all we did was take stuff down today!
And a little wall was gone too. The entry way was just weird!

This was the half wall before, but after I took down the weird little built in shelf above it.
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21 July 2015

New Old House {Day 1}

Day 1 did not feel like we got a whole lot done. We didn't really bring most of the stuff we would have needed to do it well.

Ripped out the family room carpet, took down a little gold foil wallpaper and some paneling!

 Hallway carpet out

 Living Room Carpet out too!

What you can't see is the huge amount of carpet staples and tack strip missing too.
I don't think I could squat 1 more time after today. Boot Camp gym class was never this hard.
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20 July 2015

Before Pictures of our New Old House!

Just a little about our NEW old house.
Built in 1977, 1720 ish sq ft.
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. 
Nothing has been updated yet! Has all kinds of original ahem, charm.
The previous owner built it, he passed away a couple years ago, he had lived with his 12 cats. Yeah, I will just let that sink in, just a few random pictures of what we willingly got ourselves into.

 It's looking pretty sad. Needs a new roof.
 Living Room, SO MUCH CAT PEE!
Also, more dead flies than I have ever seen in my life.
Check out that fancy wood shelving attached to the wall.
 Family Room, paneling for DAYS, also still more orange shag carpet!
 That fancy kitchen tile? No, it's carpet! Dining area, so teeny!

 Here is our mini kitchen in all it's original glory. Drop ceiling and carpet, so fancy!
 Laundry Room
 Long stinky hallway with a very matchy matchy light fixture.
 Hall Bathroom
Wall Paper, Paneling, carpet (EWWWW)
Luckily, the built ins are super!
 Bedroom 1, closet full of every check the previous owner ever wrote, and readers digest.
 Bedroom #2
 Really bad picture of master bedroom
 Just a glimpse into the wallpaper, carpeted master bathroom.
 More built ins! Love this hallway gem!

 The entire garage, well really all the walls, were covered in cobwebs, spider webs, daddy long legs ICK!
 In case you were thinking you didn't see the kitchen up there? It's just really small, easy to miss, so here it is again.

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19 July 2015

New Adventure!!

Hello! Long time since I last shared anything.
I am so glad y'all are here! I wanted to share where we were just 9 little months ago. To give you a little background on how we ended up where we are today. In case you are just coming across this little par of the web.

We lived in this 2100 sq ft house
that was new when we bought it,
and pretty much perfect in every way, for 8 years. Even after adding our 4th kiddo there was plenty of room for all of us.
 After a few years we did some updating to the counters and back splash in the kitchen. I thought it was perfect, there wasn't anything else I would have changed.
 We finally got a good color on the wall in the living room and it felt like us more than it ever had!
 After years of searching for the just narrow and shallow enough table for the entry way we found it, not too long ago.
 This rug was a splurge and it was perfect in this room, my amazing Father in law built the built ins, there was a whole lot of time spent in this room with the kids. The books and games and record player.

 We had a master bathroom and honestly, the jetted tub was one of the first things I really really missed when we moved into our rental.
 I will never again doubt how important closet space is. Our Master bedroom was a great size, it fit the babies when we had them and there was still room to get around.
 With 4 bedrooms there was plenty of space and a number of room swaps and changes over the years.
 Laundry that wasn't in the garage?! I will never take that for granted again either.
 Kids bathroom, always the messiest room in the house, but we didn't have to share it with them.
The only problem was this>>>
See how close the neighbors are? 
Not that there was anything wrong with our neighbors! We just wanted SPACE and a safe place outside for the kids to play and grow and wander and learn. Chickens, sweet little chickens and other critters were another reason we needed to be somewhere else. Driving our kids to school and back everyday was killing our gas budget. We were able to get them into an amazing school district, the secrets out now and getting your transfer approved has been more and more difficult. We just need to be in the area of the schools so we aren't transfers anymore or driving so much.
After 7 months of waiting for there to be ANYTHING in the area, this place came on the market! Before it was even on the market there were offers, I really thought we had no chance of getting it!


But they chose our offer and after a long, realllllly long, closing we just started working. We plan on moving into the garage because we have a few weeks of work that have to be done.
I can't wait to share the ups and downs and probably more downs of our newest adventure. Come back tomorrow for the tour. It will be small, it's not a super big house.

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