19 July 2015

New Adventure!!

Hello! Long time since I last shared anything.
I am so glad y'all are here! I wanted to share where we were just 9 little months ago. To give you a little background on how we ended up where we are today. In case you are just coming across this little par of the web.

We lived in this 2100 sq ft house
that was new when we bought it,
and pretty much perfect in every way, for 8 years. Even after adding our 4th kiddo there was plenty of room for all of us.
 After a few years we did some updating to the counters and back splash in the kitchen. I thought it was perfect, there wasn't anything else I would have changed.
 We finally got a good color on the wall in the living room and it felt like us more than it ever had!
 After years of searching for the just narrow and shallow enough table for the entry way we found it, not too long ago.
 This rug was a splurge and it was perfect in this room, my amazing Father in law built the built ins, there was a whole lot of time spent in this room with the kids. The books and games and record player.

 We had a master bathroom and honestly, the jetted tub was one of the first things I really really missed when we moved into our rental.
 I will never again doubt how important closet space is. Our Master bedroom was a great size, it fit the babies when we had them and there was still room to get around.
 With 4 bedrooms there was plenty of space and a number of room swaps and changes over the years.
 Laundry that wasn't in the garage?! I will never take that for granted again either.
 Kids bathroom, always the messiest room in the house, but we didn't have to share it with them.
The only problem was this>>>
See how close the neighbors are? 
Not that there was anything wrong with our neighbors! We just wanted SPACE and a safe place outside for the kids to play and grow and wander and learn. Chickens, sweet little chickens and other critters were another reason we needed to be somewhere else. Driving our kids to school and back everyday was killing our gas budget. We were able to get them into an amazing school district, the secrets out now and getting your transfer approved has been more and more difficult. We just need to be in the area of the schools so we aren't transfers anymore or driving so much.
After 7 months of waiting for there to be ANYTHING in the area, this place came on the market! Before it was even on the market there were offers, I really thought we had no chance of getting it!


But they chose our offer and after a long, realllllly long, closing we just started working. We plan on moving into the garage because we have a few weeks of work that have to be done.
I can't wait to share the ups and downs and probably more downs of our newest adventure. Come back tomorrow for the tour. It will be small, it's not a super big house.

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