09 July 2015

My top 3 Back to School Must Haves to Save Time and Money!

It's been busy around here, busy doing nothing. We still haven't closed on our new place but we have to be out of our rental. It's been an interesting ride and I am avoiding the stress of it for now.  Once we get settled I think it will be a mad rush for school. It's going by so fast!

The last 2 years have been so crazy for us. I hope we can get all settled and I can find everything before school starts!

We have a set of these for each kid. Saves so much on school lunches and I love knowing what they are getting, and that they will eat it. There seem to be less to choose from the sooner it gets to school.

These little plastic cups with lids! I know they are common for Jello shots. That is not what we use them for though ;) 

They are the perfect size for snacks. I can buy in bulk and save, then just package them into these and they are ready to go in our snack bucket!

 Iron in Name Tags!
With 3 kids going to school the chances of someone losing a sweater, jacket, lunchbox every week is likely. These save me time from digging in the lost and found, and save us money because we aren't replacing items that go missing!

To go with these, I like these markers!

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