22 August 2011

Snack and Breakfast Prep

I went ahead and spent about 30 minutes today (Monday's are my usual kitchen day anyway) and put together a bin full of snacks for the pantry and a few for the fridge, once you see our fridge you will see I really need to make it to the grocery store :)

First I just picked up a couple bins at the store while I was there the other day, then just filled whatever snack size bags, and containers we had around here with the bulk stuff we had. Bulk snacks are so much less expensive than the individually packaged stuff! I am happy to spend 30 minutes or so a week and save some money!

Here are the non fridge snacks

These should last a week, easily. And we are pretty much out of fridge stuff,
so it's a little empty but it still works for now.

And normally I would cut the peach up, but I don't think they will eat it today, and I like them whole!
String cheese, yogurt, bananas and some cucumbers in there.
Now for breakfast stuff I didn't have a whole lot to work with right now so I just have our brown sugar and granola and a couple smaller spoons in a bowl I can grab when I get the other breakfast stuff out. I am going to try to find something that isn't glass to hold everything

When I make it to the store again, I will grab some more containers so I can get some frozen and fresh fruit ready for breakfasts, and split up the big thing of yogurt into kid size portions ahead of time.
I still need to make a few batches of pancakes to freeze, so I have a little head start for a couple of weeks.

I still feel like we have a huge to do list to get ready for the school year! Haircuts and that kind of stuff!