23 July 2015

New Old House {Day 3}

I don't think I shared before that we are doing this whole thing family style!
We bring all 4 kids with us, the big 3 have jobs, and are SO willing to help for the most part. 
My in laws have been amazing and done SO much to help out!
Mini wall came down! Already feels more open!
We took this down just to add another wall soon! We needed a 4th bedroom, so the living room is going to have some changes.

Finn helping Pop Pop move some light switches.

 Hawkins was having a hard time falling asleep, there was a lot of noise. I had him in the backpack walking around and nearly had a cow, I was looking out the back door and I swear there was a bear cub! My heart was racing and I was starting to count kids, hoping they were all inside, and then I saw 2 more bear cubs and realized they were pigs haha. Took the little 3 and walked to the neighbors to tell them their pigs were out. That was a first for me, herding pigs with a baby on my back.
Biggin was busy filling paneling nail holes.

 Took out the kitchen and dining carpet, that black stuff is rubber that has broken down and was so gross!
Once we got all that up the walls started coming down.
Better already!
And there is our fancy microwave too!
We also spent hours at the home improvement stores today! Lighting is SO hard to decide on for me.
I don't think I will be able to convince hubby to go with me again!
Here is the issue I have. I like expensive things (not because they are expensive, just happens to be that way) we have no budget for that type of business. So, we looked at every light and after lusting over the $200 dining light, we got a $7 globe.
Trying to keep the priorities fresh in my mind. Not an easy task!
Home Improvement Store trip count after today :  7

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