02 February 2011

Office In A Cupboard

We don't have a dedicated room as an office at our house, and I am just not a fan of looking at office type stuff, so having it out in one of the rooms really just wouldn't work for us. We used to keep one side of the pantry for office stuff.. you can see part of that disaster HERE.

Wow, SO glad we got away from that! But then it was all a big mess in a box and hard to find anything!
I didn't take before pictures (because I do these things on a whim I guess?!) But I can say this cupboard was full of pie plates, pans and other cooking and baking stuff we don't use very often. So I purged stuff  I know we haven't used in over a year (and no plans to in the immediate future) and since I have been trying to replace Teflon coated stuff with cast iron, I just donated the pans, and found a better spot for the stuff that was left.

I used to be a office supply hoarder, I still have my moments!  But now I try to only keep pens I LOVE and not all pens, and I tried to minimize everything, like no regular stapler, I just found a mini one, and since we rarely staple, it should be just fine!

I have a shelf for HMB stuff and supplies, with some room leftover!
The the next shelf I keep our camera's and stuff, phonebook and printer paper on, then the most used shelf is the bottom! Stores my HMB, a basket with all our pens and scissors, cd's and cases and a cup for change. I left room on one side for our laptops, I like to have a safe place for them to go when we have a lot of people over.. kids especially!

And on the inside of the door I added a sheet of tin (I think) It's magnetic but not very attractive, so I added a cutesy piece of paper over it. I keep frequent used numbers there, a magnetic tin that holds thumb drives and a container for chalk for the pantry chalkboard, which is right next to it, oh and a magnetic tape measure, which might be the most frequently used thing in there!

The cabinet underneath has always stored our printer and filing stuff, but I organized the cords and stuff that comes with everything so we can get to it when we need it. The black box stores cards, envelopes, extra pens and garage sale stickers!

I really love that we can close those 2 cabients and not have to look at ugly office stuff! Best move of stuff yet!


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