22 October 2010

Organizing Friday... Pantry upate!

I finished one project and had enough time to finish up another, 2 in 1 day, must have been a good day!
I usually just write in my Home Managment Binder when we run out of something, but I wanted a little faster way without making a bunch of scraps of paper and it couldn't take up any room, or very very little maybe.

Decided to do this


Chalkboard paint, super easy to use, fairly inexpensive. I think the can said it covers 100 sq ft, and it was under 10 dollars!  It was easy, but stinky!  Using it to also keep track of the biggins points for bed time and nap time (our hardest parts of the day!).  They like that they can see the points and it's not on paper so no one is going to accidently draw on it!  I painted the bottom section also, thinking that atleast 1 of the 3 kids will be happy to be in the kitchen drawing once in a while.
Since it was so easy I have already started to think of what else I can cover in the chalkboard paint!


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