25 September 2015

Laundry Room {Organizing Friday}

We shouldn't have much to organize in here, it's a tiny little room. But it has ended up a dumping spot for so much! Today I wanted to work on tidying it, making sure there isn't stuff in the cupboards that doesn't belong. Making sure we have the cleaning supplies organized, to save time later, being real about what we need for supplies. No room to store a ton of excess.

See, it wasn't horrible to start with

I do miss our laundry sorter, it was too tall, made the washer and dryer hit the cabinets :(
Maybe your laundry room is much bigger, or maybe it's just a closet. These are some other laundry rooms that have super organization!

This whole room is just GORGEOUS!

I love these cute little organizing ideas

And these are just so smart! 

I pinned them all, and a bunch more so I can check them out in more detail!
Find them HERE

So it didn't take too long but it's still waah waaa
I sure do not love the blank walls!

I don't know exactly what I want to do in here. I will have to plan a little.

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