10 September 2015

Real Life for 6~Unpacking

We have had floors a couple weeks and most of the drywall done for a week. I can finally really start unpacking! We don't have everything here yet but this disaster should keep me busy!

tried to move things into the garage in rows, separated by rooms. That was a flop. Having 3 little helpers undo a lot of what I had done while looking for certain things will do that. So now we have this jumble of boxes and bins and who knows what!

I am going to try to get to this garage today. Setting aside just 1 day a week to organize a specific area will help us stay organized. Unloading a box at a time and making sure it's something we actually need before I even bring it in the house!

I have to start with an area for recycling, donating and trash. I just used a broken bin and boxes.

Let's hope nap time is productive!

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