04 September 2015

Real Life for 6! Organized Bathrooms

As we are navigating our new home, figuring out what we need and where it will all be, I realized that the 1 bathroom we currently have was going to need to be the first thing tackled!

Getting everyone through the bathroom in time for school has already been a challenge.
 Thankful to have these amazing built ins. They store these handled bins, each kiddo has one. And because I am not a maid and we want to encourage our kids to be responsible for their own things, they each have their own stuff in the baskets. Toothpaste was especially a fight, one would squeeze from the middle, leave toothpaste all over the lid etc. Now the ones who don't appreciate that don't have to deal with it, and I don't have to hear about it! Win Win

I use the extras to keep other things together, like oils. 

Another thing I have done to keep from having to pick up towels, hearing fights about who left their towel on the floor and asking who left theirs there, was add this one little thing to the towels.

Just a colored ribbon! Each muffin has a color. They have to deal with their own color. They also each have a towel hook, no excuse for leaving them on the floor.

Stuff that needs to be out needs to be pretty,  we have our qtips, bentonite clay, and guests cups on a little cake plate. 

Any awesome organization tips for bathrooms that don't cost an arm and a leg? Always looking to improve our system.

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