17 September 2015

Are you a busy mom?

 Of course you are! I think all moms are busy! We all have different things that make us busy, eat our time and attention. I'm sharing how I am making it (barely) through our chaos, the things that help me keep my sanity as a *Busy Mom*.

Being honest and real here, I am exhausted every night and barely have time for home stuff. I don't think we will be choosing to be this busy again anytime soon. My head hits the pillow about 2 seconds before I am out. Now I know I can't be the only one with multiple kids in multiple sports and having to be at 2 places at once every weeknight, so if you have more pointers SHARE!
I'm not going to talk about the obvious Coffee and Wine, I think those are a staple for a lot of moms :)

For me, the days I don't get my Greens in I can feel it by about 10AM! I'm sure we all have a regimen we intend to follow to get our vitamins in.

SLEEP! I am not getting enough, I doubt I ever will. I've just stopped expecting to get any. I try to get 3 hour increments, that seems to work best for me. 6 hours is better than 7. There is a neat app you can get to show you your sleep pattern/cycle. It's called Sleep Cycle.

Cut stuff loose, and don't feel guilty!  When I sat down and entered in all our appointments, practices, games and open houses and events for the next 3 months I had a small panic attack. That planner was FULL. I needed to make some more space in there for LIFE. I cut some things that aren't necessary and are a drain. Not appointments or stuff we have committed to, things that I probably put too much effort into for ME and no one else notices.  Less electronics (that is a big one!)

Friends, making my mama friends as much a priority as I can helps me stay afloat in this little storm that feels huge while it's happening. Nothing huge, a quick phone call or text chat. Just a few minutes everyday to help keep my sanity.

Keep as much of a whole day as you can for family and quiet! That day to recharge is SO important. I know that day is Sunday for a lot of families. It's crazy to think about it just 1 day a week is only 52 chances every single year to unwind and recharge and keep on chugging. That hardly feels like any!

If you can't have a whole afternoon or morning to do your thing, schedule 1 hour, just 1 hour a day if you can to just focus on you. Mine is usually in the morning before the kids are up. I like to drink my coffee in the quiet and read a little and just be alone ! For me, I like my devotional. I know you mama's can relate!

And even with ALL this knowledge of ways that *should* help me chill and just survive I still am in tears a couple times a week! I know when this is over I will think how silly it was to cry over having to be 2 places at once but while it's happening it is HARD!

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