24 September 2015

Easy Snacks for Busy Moms

I swear we are running out the door at snack time more often than not. While I would prefer a real snack, something homemade, that just isn't an option most of the time and we need snacks we can just grab and get going.

I've shared some of how we snack around here before here.

It's crazy to me, that it's been pinned over 10k times. Insanity!  I only do it to make my life easier.
We also did this for our road trip last year but I know I could still take advantage of it now on a smaller scale.

 Just going to throw some of our snack options out there too!
*Dried fruit        *Trail Mix          *Dried Fruit
*Nuts       *Fruit Leather        *Granola Bars
*apples   *Somersaults (addicting!!)
*bananas   *Yogurt Covered Peanuts/Raisins
*clementines  *Pretzels  *Chex Mix
*crackers  *Popcorn/KettleCorn
*Jerky   *SnapPea Crisps *Fruit Snacks (Target organics are our fave)

We also have a small snack bucket in the fridge!
Apple Sauce
Cheese Sticks
Yogurt tubes (These are our faves) 

What do your kids grab and go?

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