22 January 2016

Organizing Friday {Week 3}

Last week was HARD! But I am amazed at how messy and unorganized it all was!
After taking care of all of the drawers and cupboards I actually have a whole empty cupboard and 2 empty drawers! What?!

Here are the after pictures, it's still ugly and unpainted and not any different on that aspect.  The good news is hubby got to replace the ugly old pipes under the sink. Bad news? It didn't fix the kitchen drain issue we were having, so we won't be doing anything fun in there for a while. Plumbers are spendy!
Can't wait to move the microwave OFF the counter!

No idea what I will eventually use this for.

Or this one!

This is my favorite drawer! My coffee drawer!

This week is Pantry and Food Storage. If I was being smart I would have looked ahead I wouldn't have spent the little time I did on that, last week. Should make this week easy though!
We have a tiny pantry compared to what we used to have. Still adjusting and not over buying at the grocery store has been a HUGE challenge.  It doesn't look so bad right now. Not that it looks good, cause I know it doesn't!

I really want to make it pretty and practical! That's a hard combo with grubby handed kids 😐

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