06 January 2016

{Fresh} Morning Routine Part 3

It starts the night before!

Remember, big things first! So what needs to be done at night for you to have a GOOD morning?

Write it down! Make a quick night routine. It doesn't have to be detailed or complicated! Maybe you don't even need a list, just set a time for 15-20 minutes and do what is most important to you that day.

Mine looks like this:
Tidy, because waking up to a mess bugs me.
Clothes, choose and lay them out. Including workout stuff
Breakfast Prep
Check Planner/ To do list
Prep Coffee (A MUST!)
Write in kids books (more on this soon)
Load Laundry, or at least have a load ready
Pack Lunches

Not always in that order, but usually.

The most important thing about nights?

~Go to bed on time, I swear I get days behind if I stay up even a little late.

It really doesn't have to be super detailed or long and drawn out. Just enough to make your mornings and the start of your day the best they can be!

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