13 January 2016

{Fresh} Morning Routine Part 4

Ya know who else needs a routine? Kids! 

I can tell you first hand that when we don't have one going on, life is rough in the mornings!

Some things we do here that aren't actually part of our morning routine..

~ Here the kids have a few things they can do at night to make the morning smoother.
Backpacks, outfits and lunch can all be prepped the night before.

~Streamline necessities in the morning with baskets!
We have (and love) our Good Morning Basket
Gloves and umbrellas are all in 1 basket, so no hunting for them.

I think a visual checklist of some sort helps kids stay on task, which will help you! Less time
directing, more time doing what needs to be done.
We have used these CHORE PACKS for years now. They are going to be getting and overhaul soon!

How do your kids do mornings?

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