07 January 2016

Oil Pulling Newbie

I've been reading SO much about Oil Pulling and all the benefits of it but was a little hesitant to try it. It sounds a bit on the gross side and not super convenient to do.  

After seeing what I had in my stash, I decided to try and make some pre-measured oils and that would make the only reason I hadn't tried it the gross factor. 

I am ordering this tray because it does a lot! And I have some homemade gummy elderberry attempts coming up too!

I mixed my coconut oil with a few drops of essential oil. Peppermint and Clove (individually, not together) poured them in the molds and let them set then I moved them to an airtight container. I started with a little less than most sites recommend because I don't know that I could do that much to start with.

With 6 of us there is pretty much a guarantee that someone will have some ailment, rash, condition that we could work on with natural options. I feel like that could be a full time job if I let it.  Starting with this and seeing if I notice a difference before jumping into the next thing.

Have you tried oil pulling? Any other natural remedy you swear by?

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