04 January 2016

{Fresh} Morning Routine Part 2

Rise and SHINE 

I don't care how EFFECTIVE your routine is, or how many things you can cram into the time you set for yourself, if you are miserable doing it, then it's just not right.

 2 hours is what I can do in the morning. Most mornings our kids catch the bus right after 7 so getting up at 5 would be my 2 hours. This won't be the same for everyone, I am not saying you have to get up at 5. You decide how much time you need in the morning.

Maybe you aren't naturally a morning person? I am, a little.  I find that music in the morning helps me get going as does getting enough sleep (or as close as I can).

I don't know if there is any 1 way to make it work but these are some tips that I either use, or have used in the past and worked overall, maybe some will work for you too!

~Give yourself some grace. Every morning isn't going to go well, but don't give up!
Waking up early is HARD!

 ~Important things first. Prioritize your time. What is important to you will likely be different than what's important to others. Make this YOUR thing :) Getting those important things done first helps set the tone for a productive morning.

 ~I talked about enjoying the morning, not always easy I know. Try candles, diffuse some oil, good music, maybe a splurge type coffee creamer, open those curtains or get ready for the day first thing. I feel better if I'm put together. Do something that makes YOU feel accomplished or is a stress for you, pay bills, balance the checkbook and get it over with.

~Get up before your kids! This is no secret to getting stuff done in the morning. However, at our house it's also not really possible. So don't scrap the early bird stuff just because your kids get up early too! We implement quiet time in bedrooms, or getting dressed etc (more coming soon). that way I still have a teeny tiny bit of alone time. 

What are 1 or 2  things you do in the morning to feel good?

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