08 January 2016

52 Weeks to an Organized Home

 In an effort to find a FRESH way to organize our home, I am letting someone else make the list!
This year I am Following Home Storage Solutions list, you can find it here.  
Some of the weeks won't apply to me but I'm sure I will have other things to do still. 

The first week is Kitchen Counters and Sink!
This one I can totally do! Although under the sink at our house is scary to me.  We haven't redone the pipes under there, there is still some 1970's contact paper and I am sure some spiders! 
I don't know that I will be doing under the sink. But I might see if I can convince hubby to haha.

Here is our before, just after breakfast today. Yowza.  It's not pretty. We have cabinet doors off that are being sanded so we can paint.

There totally is a spider! Ick!

So today this is what I am working on for Organizing Friday!
Are you following a plan for organizing this year? Just winging it? Want to join me in this one?!
I am always looking for other ideas on how to organize!
Instagram looks like there are a few before and afters with #52weekhomeorganizedchallenge

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