02 January 2016

{Fresh} Morning Routine

For sure my morning routine is NOT Fresh and hasn't been working for months,
maybe even a whole year or more! 

I've shared about mornings and how we do them. Except that was 2 houses and a baby ago. We really needed an overhaul. January is the perfect time. If I can get up when it's freezing  and dark out then it will just get easier as the mornings get lighter and warmer. Not sure how much it will change from what we were doing before, but we did have some changes that require some altering of our routine.

Quick list of reasons WHY we do morning routines. Key word is routine, not schedule!

 ~We have 4 kids
~Not a fan of being late
~My Sanity
~Calm and Happy Mornings

No one likes mornings where we are frazzled, stressed and rushing. Routines help me to make our mornings productive and peaceful.

I don't want it to come across as a mission to get MORE done,
but a mission to get what needs to be done, done BETTER.

How long does a routine take? Depends on what YOU choose! Super basic could be 20 minutes. I am going to give it 2 hours every morning and be intentional with every minute of it.
Just dedicating those 2 hours gives the rest of my day a super start. I get more done and feel better about things.
I can't tell you how much easier it is if you ENJOY your routine. 
If you hate what you do every morning, that is just going to be ROUGH! Mornings set the tone for the entire day. I have to constantly choose to be happy and thankful that I can do all this stuff and it makes the whole day better. I will share some more ideas about making it enjoyable soon.

  Part 1. What do I want to accomplish before the day really starts?
Knowing what I want/need to get done will help me make a plan. You in? What do you want your mornings to look like?
Part 2. Rise And SHINE
How I make mornings shine (as best I can)

Part 3. Night Prep
Make the most of your night to make your mornings work

Part 4. Kids Routine
Help to make their morning run smooth too!