08 September 2015

September {Week 2} Meal Plan

I haven't actually shared our meal plan in months! Been making a lax version of it occasionally. But I am going full force into September.

Tuesday~Beef Stroganoff
Crock pot style here.  That one is closest to what I do but omit the onion soup mix, add some oregano instead. There are a ton of versions with cream based soups. We don't do those here so I haven't tried any of those versions.
Wednesday~ Potatoes
Wednesday is a crazy day for our early evening schedule. I can throw these in before I head out the door and when hubby gets home with the kids 15 minutes later, they will be done!
We just add veggies, leftovers and fixins to ours.

Just chicken, pressure cooker style. 2 chicken breast in the pressure cooker with taco seasoning. Let it's do it's thing then shred. 
Check out my Pressure Cooker board HERE

 Friday~Chicken Spaghetti
I need a no fuss Friday dinner that will keep the kids full long enough to make it through the football game without being starving!
 I don't know yet, I doubt I will feel like going out to get groceries.
I am going to see what I can throw together with what we have.

We love Trader Joe's ravioli's. We have football right by TJ's Saturday so I will snag some then.
Baking some French bread in the bread maker and pulling sauce out of the freezer. Easy enough!