08 September 2015

September, the 2nd January

I just love September! It's like January but better, the weather is so much better!
I love that it's almost a new start. A new start for routines, for clothes, for sports, for meals.
Now not all of these will apply to everyone but at our house, they sure do! We might be a week in already but now that Labor Day is over it really sinks in.

We also have a new home, that has been a whole new start for us!

I am going to use this new season to get back to meal planning, now that we have a functional kitchen, working on that Capsule Wardrobe, keeping my planner on point so we don't miss a practice and getting this new place organized while figuring out my cleaning rhythm. 

What about you? Is September a fresh start? A chance to pick up the balls that got dropped over the summer?

I'm starting with meal planning again. We have eaten out SO often while we were living in a construction zone. Not a fan, and neither is our budget.   It's supposed to be hot here this week (boooo) so we probably won't have any of those cozy fall meals we have been missing.