18 September 2015

Organizing for 6 {The Sports taxi}

It's Fall, that means Fall Baseball, Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer and probably some others I am forgetting. It also means the "Soccer Moms" of the world are out in full force. We all know 1, or more, maybe you are 1 of us. With your trunk stocked, time sacrificing cheering heart full of love for our little athletes? Well after the last week of insanity and crazy and not finding anything, I knew it was time to get my car ready! I should have done it weeks ago.

But first, last Friday was the garage, and getting everything unpacked. Got that done! It's not organized or clean but everything is unpacked! I will take it!
Yes that is a bin full of bins, boxes and containers! 

Still a lot to do as far as sorting seasonal bins but there is MUCH more room in here now!

I'm starting with a clean slate today, it feels like a small clean slate but it's got to work!