02 October 2015

6 Steps To Slay That To Do list!

 Sick of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, frazzled by all the little misfires in the day? Me too. Letting them totally throw me off balance and ruin whatever flow I may have had going. Ending the day feeling like a failure far too often.
I have to get back to a routine and get some normalcy 'round here. Started with my To Do List

I needed to focus on what is truly important, not that I could skip the little jobs that need to be done, but being more efficient and getting to the good stuff. Being INTENTIONAL and not just haphazardly making it through the day. I have to know how I am spending my hours so I make sure I am spending them on the right things. Some things I will be able to scrap altogether and others I will have to find a better way to do, or less to do.

I am a BIG FAN of writing my list down, I love my list app too, but writing it down and checking it off just FEELS GOOD!

First and SO important, remembering that your to do list is a tool, a partner and NOT an enemy to be 
glared at and stabbed with your pen <<<<<< GUILTY over here!
 A cheerful outlook can go a long way.

Dream a little.  Put some things on the list that might seem like a dream to get to. Inspiration to get the must do's done, if nothing else. I like to see something I am looking forward to mixed in with the laundry and orthodontist appointments.

Categorize.  Here that looks like kids awake vs. kids asleep/at school
There are just some projects that are not kid friendly.
 Also, make sure you include your daily tasks. Makes it easier to get a real idea of your day.

Prioritize! This is such a huge part of making sure I get to the important stuff!
 I like to start with a huge list, everything I can think of, just get it written down.
You can always remove stuff if you need to.
 I like to color code my list, sometimes it's 3 colors. Sometimes 4. I have a few pens I use
~not urgent

 Find my fave notebook HERE

Split big things up! For projects that you are dreading or that you just can't block out an hour or more for, split it up! You can split nearly any project into 10 minute bits.  That huge laundry pile, file sorting, junk drawer clean out, writing an email or letter, you get the idea.  And schedule that 10 minutes on your to do list, even if it's on there 3 times throughout the day. 10 minutes isn't too much out of a day and getting a start on a project might propel you to add another 10 minutes of it to your to do list!

 Plan for obstacles! Because we all know there are plenty of them! Obstacles, time sucks, distractions. Whatever you want to call them, plan ahead and skip right past them.
Some of my obstacles of the time suck variety are TV, computer/phone and magazines. Some obstacles that are of the precious variety? Kids! Sometimes they just don't want to nap, or they need their 4th snack after breakfast.  Be prepared and have some options. I make sure that I have the coffee pot ready in the morning, plenty of snacks, baby's bed ready for nap and I don't even turn the TV on! I do like podcasts while I am working, nothing visual to pay attention to with those.

Be real about how long things take. Not sure how long something really takes? Use your timer and find out for next time.

Been doing this for the last week or so and already I have seen a huge improvement in the amount I am getting to each day and my perspective! It's not perfect but I don't look around at the end of the day and feel like I did nothing either.

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