23 October 2015

12 Weeks of Christmas {Week 4}

Last week I tried to decide what recipes I would be attempting, and I have my list of ingredients to watch for in the ads! I only did Thanksgiving for now, once we get set with that I will do Christmas too!

This week is an easy (ish) week, I don't want to add too much to our plate while we are wrapping up Halloween prep and a few sports seasons.

I'm prepping for Christmas Cards and all that goes with it!

Just a few easy steps!

1~Email, Call, text your friends and family to see if they have had an address change since last year.

2~Schedule a photo shoot if that is your thing, or plan a day to do them yourself. The sooner the better. You don't want to run out of time to mail them.

3~Plan outfits for photos. Pinterest is full of great ideas for coordinating!

4~Start addressing labels, even if you just stick to return addresses, that is a big chunk out of the way!
Keep a package of envelopes and pen in your car, have 5 minutes to spare, get some done!

5~Decide on the cards you want to order so all you have to do is add your picture!

Nothing too time consuming or really difficult, just tedious and a lot of time.
Check out these super printables and adorable take home stickers too!!

Click to Download, from Yellow Bliss Road. SO cute! Get the kids to help color them in :)

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