08 October 2015

Planners make me happy! Here's why

6 Reasons I use a planner!

1. I don't over schedule!
 If I make plans without my planner handy, there are bound to be overlapping things going on where I don't want them, creating stress and dysfunction.

2. I am a better friend and mom!
 I don't want to be that flaky mom/friend that is rescheduling (often) because I didn't use my planner.  It still happens when things come up last minute, but I wouldn't want it to be a regular thing.

3. I save money!
 I can group my things that need to be done in town, saving me the extra trips, and wasting gas!

4. I do my job better!
 I can prep ahead of time and spend 5 minutes instead of waiting until it's sprung on me and spend way more time, and sometimes money! Creating less stress because I can be prepared!

5. I have more time for important things!
By combining all of the above, I leave time for family, and I make time by keeping things streamlined and grouped together, like errands.

6. It makes me HAPPY! 
I am a nerd, no shame in that. I love the stickers, the great pens and I feel good knowing I have my act together (a little)

I love and USE an Erin Condren Life Planner
I can't wait to share more about how I use it!