01 October 2015

Halloween Decorations '15

Before we moved I got rid of about 50% of our Halloween decorations. I still have some extra with no place. Partially because we also got rid of most of our furniture and partly because we have a mobile 1 year old with grabby hands.

So it's a lot less this year in some ways, and in others there are more because the TV isn't on the mantle. I think I am actually liking it better here!

When I stopped shopping (for the most part) in the Halloween section, or at the season shops is when I started finding some of my favorite things.

I don't mind a LOT of stuff as long as it's cohesive. I pick up random black, white or silver things now and even if they aren't traditional "Halloween", they seem to make their way to the Halloween stuff. Especially books and signs. This Old Soul sign was at a summer show and I don't think they intended it to be Halloween inspired but it just works for me. I could leave it out year round though, with how much I like it.

So choose a couple colors and go with it, don't stick to Holiday specifics, just choose some colors. Rhinestones and camera, books and pumpkins, ribbon and candles. They all work together with almost anything else you add in your colors. 

Sharing some real life here, coffee that is 3 hours old and I am still drinking it, our ugly kitchen cabinets in the background and we haven't got the baseboards all cut and put up since we decided to get new ones.

I didn't buy a single Halloween decoration this year, my mama gifted me the crow skeleton, she knows me well :)