02 October 2015

12 Weeks To Christmas {Week 1} Your Plan

12 weeks is all we have to plan and prep! Why start so early? For me, I want less hustle and bustle and more time doing the things I want to do and love, and more time to be with our family!
Prepping a little at a time for a more PEACEFUL season.

So I am starting this 12 week countdown plan. Starting with a PLAN to not over schedule, over commit or over do.

I am using this week to get things planned out.
A list of what NEEDS to be done, things like.
~ Meal plan
~Cards if that is something you do

Activities we WANT to do
~New traditions we might want to try out
~Old Traditions we love
~Making cookies
~Service projects we plan on helping with

These will be different for every family but it's a good idea to get a list started! You don't want to miss out on something because time got away from you, or spend all night wrapping and be groggy in the morning.

Maybe you want to really go overboard on your planning, get a binder! There are plenty of sections you can keep organized and spend a bit more time.
Minimal effort more your style? Writing ideas on a piece of paper is a good start! 
It doesn't have to be intense and take hours of time to get organized.


Anyone want to join me?!