16 October 2015

12 Weeks of Christmas {Week 3}

Week 3 I am focusing on MEAL PLANNING AND RECIPES!
It might seem a little crazy to start that 2 months ahead of time, trust me, you don't want to be doing huge grocery trips when everyone else is, missing out on Elf! 
So start now, take a few minutes and save hours later!

1.  Write down, or pin or save on your phone, ALL the recipes you know you will use!
this is adorable!

2. Break down those recipes so you know how much butter, flour, seasoning, chicken stock, etc. That you need.

3. Check the ads and sales flyers for the place you are going anyway.  When something on your list is on SALE, get it now!  

4.  I keep a brown bag in the bottom of our pantry for non perishable items I need for the Holidays, that way they don't get used.

5.  As you get a collection of stuff going it can be easy to lose track of what you need for which recipe. If you have the space, try something like this! Even on a smaller scale would be helpful.

If they are small, you can rubber band them together, or separate into smaller bags.

You will have 8 weeks to prep before the insane crowds for Christmas and 5 weeks for Thanksgiving!

Let's not make grocery shopping something we are dreading!