13 September 2012

Fall Cleaning/Organizing Mashup

Well I am trying to do a little of my HUGE fall cleaning list every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Yestrday I did the windows, inside and out of all the ones I could reach (sadly, that is not that many). 
Planning Fridays job right now. I KNOW it has to be the pantry! It needs organizing, I like to organize on Fridays, I have all weekend to take stuff to Goodwill or find the perfect piece for the space.

I don't know about you but our pantry is a DISASTER after the kids have been ransacking it all summer!
So my plan for Friday is to wipe down all the shelves, make sure nothing is expired, put stuff where it goes and move our stock to the bookshelf in the garage. I kept thinking we were out of PB, kept buying a couple, wondering where they went. When you have 6 containers of PB you know it's time for some pantry TLC!

Our Pantry is no new comber to the blog, oh no, it is constantly needing organized or re arranged or cleaned, or made a little prettier! And I am doing my best to keep things real here, yes I organize and NO it doesn't stay that way forever, it's not a 1 time job, it's constant.
Here are some past posts, just in case pictures of pantries are your thing ;)

Maybe I will share some before and after pics again.. if there is a big difference!


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