03 June 2011

Organzing Friday's!

Things are slowing down here (yay!) and I have all kinds of drawers, cabinets and so on that could use some attention! I am trying to get back in the habit and starting with the kitchen drawers. I have a tiny little major obsession with sprinkles, so much that they have taken over almost 1 entire drawer.

There are all kinds of random cupcake/cake stuff in there but I think it is mostly sprinkles!
 I decided since I was going to empty it out anyway I might as well do all the drawers and move some stuff around, like our silverware, I think it needs a new drawer and I have random stuff in some drawers that would probably be better somewhere else, and I am sure I have a few things I can get rid of! I am hoping to empty at least 1 drawer for just summer things! Chalk, sunscreen, sunglasses and that kind of stuff, as close to the backdoor as we can get!

Then while I was working on a new spot for the sprinkles and stuff in the pantry I realized how unorganized it is. There is a huge bag of lunchbox stuff, lunchboxes, containers, baggies, all that kind of stuff and it was hard to get to so then I started on that and it ends up being a a whole process of moving, purging, tidying and sorting!

See the plaid big bag on the bottom left? FULL of lunchbox stuff!

SO embarrassing how bad it WAS in there!
So much better now!

and the white cd boxes from ikea on the top is where I moved and sorted EVERYTHING from the sprinkles and stuff drawer!
Lunchbox drawer before
all kinds of randomness..
No more rushing to find a container lid or baggie!

I was able to get 1 entire drawer empty to make a summer drawer, now to find all the sunglasses and other backyard summer stuff!

And I purged my huge stack of cook books!  I worked at a bookstore for a while and with the employee discount on their clearance books I was getting a bunch for just a couple of dollars. I don't want to keep the whole book for just a couple of recipe's so I picked my favorites and copied them down or found them online and have a stack to donate!  More room in the pantry even after I added all the sprinkles and stuff!

So glad I could get this done today, feels better in the kitchen already! Next week I need to re organize the closet with all our cd's and stuff again! It's only been a few months but it hasn't been kept up very well. I will probably work on it a little each day next week because I don't think Friday will be enough time to do it all since that is the first day of summer break and the kids have a HUGE list of all the stuff they want to do!

Off to enjoy the sunshine the rest of the day!


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