29 January 2010

Naptime Pantry Cleanout.2

Alright.. I got it all cleaned out and re organized! Like I said before I did do some prep before..had all my bags ready to go and the canisters were done.. cause they are a fun project, I couldn't wait so I did them last night!

I thought some canisters would be helpful, but I am not one to commit to a certain style or design so I got clear and figured I could change em up as much as I wanted! Target had the canisters and I like that they are square instead of round so they can snuggle right up to each other and not waste any space! They didn't have enough at our Target, but I am planning on going to the other side of town to get a few more big ones! I need one for cereal and oats! I also could not find a gingham plastic tablecloth at all yesterday! Went to a few different places and nothing! I was hoping to cover the shelves with them, like shelf liner but not stuck to the shelves. I am guessing as Spring and Summer approach they will be around more, I will take some more pics if I find some!

I know seeing someones before and after pics of a pantry aren't that interesting, but I wanted to share the canister labels I made, well I decoupaged them on after printing them off. Super easy! Can't wait to make some for the Laundry room too!

I had the punch in the scalloped edge circle so I just made the words on Microsoft works to fit the size and printed them on some scrap booking paper I had around.. Used the punch to punch them out, mod podge on top to seal the ink and then mod podge to the canister!

They were cute but I wanted them a little bit more fluffy! I just cut some coordinating ribbon to the paper in a few strips and tied them on with mini ric rac!

I did use 2 different papers for the labels SO I have a few extras, if anyone would use them I can mail em to whoever wants them! Just comment and I will get your address!
Maybe every Friday I should do a project like this! I'm sure it will make the day go by fast! I was surprised at how quiet it was during this task! I could still hear a few snores every once in a while, one of my favorite sounds!


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