20 July 2015

Before Pictures of our New Old House!

Just a little about our NEW old house.
Built in 1977, 1720 ish sq ft.
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. 
Nothing has been updated yet! Has all kinds of original ahem, charm.
The previous owner built it, he passed away a couple years ago, he had lived with his 12 cats. Yeah, I will just let that sink in, just a few random pictures of what we willingly got ourselves into.

 It's looking pretty sad. Needs a new roof.
 Living Room, SO MUCH CAT PEE!
Also, more dead flies than I have ever seen in my life.
Check out that fancy wood shelving attached to the wall.
 Family Room, paneling for DAYS, also still more orange shag carpet!
 That fancy kitchen tile? No, it's carpet! Dining area, so teeny!

 Here is our mini kitchen in all it's original glory. Drop ceiling and carpet, so fancy!
 Laundry Room
 Long stinky hallway with a very matchy matchy light fixture.
 Hall Bathroom
Wall Paper, Paneling, carpet (EWWWW)
Luckily, the built ins are super!
 Bedroom 1, closet full of every check the previous owner ever wrote, and readers digest.
 Bedroom #2
 Really bad picture of master bedroom
 Just a glimpse into the wallpaper, carpeted master bathroom.
 More built ins! Love this hallway gem!

 The entire garage, well really all the walls, were covered in cobwebs, spider webs, daddy long legs ICK!
 In case you were thinking you didn't see the kitchen up there? It's just really small, easy to miss, so here it is again.