05 June 2013

5 months in

And I do not even recognize what life was like when I wrote those first posts about our goals for the year! SO much has changed, some good and some not as well, no time to whine about those!  Staying positive cause I don't like where negativity leads.
My original GOALS are coming along, slowly.
~Coffee has been a little more frequent but not nearly what it was. I try to limit myself to 1 a week.
~Dave Ramsey Snowball plan, still going strong, but with some set backs. We bought a new washer, so a kind of major set back but it will still work out!
~That part time job came and went and now I am working full time, HUGE change but it's what needed to happen.
~Meal planning has been a requirement working away from home. Grocery shopping is a real planned adventure, if it happens at all. I have been trying to just use our stock and pick up the 1 or 2 things we will need to make it work on my lunch break.  And Costco trips every couple weeks for produce and staples.
~Target really misses me I am sure, haven't hardly been!
~I haven't sewn a single thing but I want to! Making the time has not been as easy as I hoped.
~We have been using the library more for audio books, and I have been reading a bunch of the free e-reader books or the .99 ones with a gift card.
We were able to pay off  just about $1000 in debt in May.
Not complaining, any step in the right direction is alright with me.
I am pretty sure June is going to be a super month to pay some stuff off!
Our original home goals are kind of a wash right now.
~I haven't bettered my HMB, but I have been changing it a lot, it needed to change to match our new lifestyle.  I have added stuff to it but kept all the other sections too as they are still helpful even if not entirely relevant right now.
~I am still eliminating clutter, more than ever!
~Haven't tried any new homemade cleaning products and I don't see that happening anytime soon.  I started using commercial laundry detergent again, because the warranty on our new washer is void with homemade. So I will be back to homemade as soon as the warranty is up.
~Not much stock piling going, but emergency packs are coming along.
I actually feel pretty good about these ones!
~I have been to the gym a bit more, and once baseball is over it will be even more often. Because of that I am closer to my goal weight.
~Benefit of the new job, I am for sure put together everyday, and water drinking has been easy!



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