01 January 2013

2013 Goals ~ Home

On to #3 Home!

~Better my HMB
~Keep on eliminating clutter
~Try more homemade cleaning products and bath products
~Work on our stock pile
~Work on our emergency packs (leftover from last year..oops)

~So for the HMB my plan is to keep replacing all the handwritten with pretty printables. Use some of the many free printables around. Here is my pinboard FULL of ideas! I also need to move some folders around and organize the finance section a little more.

~Clutter is a pet peeve of mine. So to help eliminate it I have a few things I am doing. The first is to bring less stuff home! This will help with the clutter and financial goals. The other thing I am doing is taking care of 7 things every Friday. They need to either be put away in their place (and they BETTER have a place), donated or thrown out/recycled. 

~Homemade cleaning products are better for us and for our budget.  We already use Homemade Laundry Soap, and bathroom cleaner (equal parts warmed white vinegar and blue Dawn dish soap) but I am sure there are some others we can do. I want to try a couple more dishwasher soap recipes, we haven't found one that works well yet! I already have about 15 pinned to try, but hoping one of the first few is THE one. All kinds of homemade and DIY bath products! Post coming up on ones
 I have already tried and what I plan on trying!

~Stockpiling is not easy for us. We don't have a ton of extra room or money to just buy it all at once. We don't want to go all doomsday preppers or stock pile a bunch of processed stuff we won't use.
My plan is to make a spreadsheet or chart of the things that are shelf stable, best price and how many we have/need and spending a little each month to start our stock pile. I am getting that it can't be a 1 time thing and you are done, chances are we will use some, some will have to be used before it expires. I think it's a big task and even though I am trying to limit my Pinterest time, I will be heading there for a good list and ideas.

~Emergency Packs.. eek, there is just NO reason this is on my list AGAIN! I've got some ideas and Pinterest (see why it's SO hard to stop using lol) has some super lists and storage options. We have a little one with asthma and being out without an inhaler is just not a good idea, yet we do it ALL the time because we aren't as prepared as we should be. And still no doomsday prepping but I don't want to be totally unprepared either.

Sounds like I will have some lists to share soon, and if anyone has sources for any of these PLEASE share! 


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