13 February 2012

Home Management Binders

I have shared some of my HMB pages before 
but I feel like I need to work on it again, and add some!
I pretty much re-did it last year but so much has changed and PINTEREST has provided some amazing resources! I was mixing HMB ideas all over on my boards, finally gave up and made a HMB board HERE.

Right now my HMB has these sections

I want to add
~72 hour pack details (and get it done)
~Reading List (books, devotional and scripture)
 I have a Calendar but with the kids getting older and more sports
 I need something else, I feel horrible and missed something this last weekend!

I didn't really want to do my whole binder over again, but the one I have is just about broken at the edges and  it's way over full. I am going to be trying out some of the printables I've found on Pinterest and spruce it up.

Hope I can find a cute binder like these 2!


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