29 April 2013

April was full of changes

If you "like" my page on Facebook then you know starting next week everything here will be crazy, and different! I am joining the working outside the home world FULL TIME. And I left my night job, giving myself 1 week in between end of that and start of a new one.
I haven't done this in over 7 years and never the same schedule as the Mr.
I never thought I would go back to work full time, but the company hubby works for has been making some major changes and one of them was eliminating positions, his happened to be one of those so as of mid July he doesn't have a job. 
I thought I would be way more upset and stressed out about it but really I am just excited for him to get to spend some time with the kids over the summer and to start a new adventure doing whatever he finds that sounds interesting. Not the end of the world like I had imagined it being.

But the logistics of how our Monday-Fridays are going to work is where I am a little nervous!
I have my usual cleaning schedule but I won't BE HERE to do it! I am going to try to stick with it but do the majority in the mornings, and really try to get the kids to help with what they can.
Some of it is easier lately, eliminating some clutter, and I guess things won't get as dirty if we aren't here all day right? Please tell me that is true!
And my Daily Schedule will be a thing of the past. It will for sure need a make over. I'm trying out a new one this week to give me a start.
I have this week to prep for all the new changes. Here is what I need to do
~Get the house SUPER clean. Hope that makes it easier to keep a little clean as we all adjust.
~Get in a new Daily Routine/Schedule
~Meal Plan, crock pot will be my new best friend
~Work on bags, we will need a babysitter bag, T-ball bag, baseball bag and lunch for everyone. I see some new checklists in my future!
~Lots of fun things in the evenings before it gets too crazy.
~Plan my outfits for the week, I don't want to be late because I can't decide what to wear! Business casual is new to me, I've been in Mommy Casual mode for so long!
~Plan my snacks and my activity during the day, I haven't had a desk job in 7 years but last time I gained easily 15 lbs the first couple months. I am 8 tiny pounds away from my goal weight (but not all my fitness goals) and I don't want to undo everything.

I keep finding myself saying "this is going to be so hard" and I need a big fat reminder of this!
Because I can, and I know this change won't be forever, things will change again in less than 2 months when the kids are out of school and there is no baseball to plan for. Then it will be swimming lessons and horse riding and I don't want to wish any of these stressful but important days away. So I am embracing that stuff is not going to go by MY plan but it will go, some days things won't be perfect, some days they won't even resemble good and those are the days I won't remember in 3 months anyway! 

And April has some good things too like
~I barely had coffee at all, and when I did it was with a gift card or groupon. I am *hoping* I will not be tempted at 730 in the morning on the way to work EVERYDAY! To help with the temping
I am making my protein shakes a priority again! What is your fave shake recipe? I love my vanilla protein mix, frozen peaches, ice and peach Greek yogurt.. but in the morning I need coffee! Same vanilla protein mix, coffee, non fat milk and ice!

~We paid off $2800 off of our debt, and have almost 1 more card to cut up! I feel really optimistic right now about getting out of debt, if ever we needed a push to do this, hubby losing his job was the THING. Yes I got a job fairly easily, but that wasn't guaranteed and then what would have happened?

~I quit my night job, it was fun enough and helped a little but I was grumpy and over tired, I was not meant to be a parent with 3 hours of sleep.

~The sun is shining, our few little fruit plants look amazing (compared to last year) and our kids are happy, healthy and willing to go with the flow of life. That is enough for me right now.

So that's what's happened/happening here. I should have my new schedule for life as a working mama after a couple weeks, maybe those of you that thought I was a nutter for planning my at home day can relate more to one with 9 hours away from the house :)
And I am sure I will have a whole new catagory :Crock Pot Disasters haha.. give me a week and there should be 2 or more!



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